I review my blog pretty much daily. I look at the stats, read and respond to comments, and write new posts. I know I should post more photos and videos because those are they are the most popular. My reviews are next.

I average about 1,000 visitors a day. About half are new and half are returning visitors. Like talk shows, only about 1% actually say anything, which is why so many comments are by the same guys.

Obviously, these guys are some of my regulars, return visitors IRL and at my blog.

85% of visitors are male

For you geeks, about two-thirds of visitors are using mobile devices—mostly phones. I use Google Analytics to see what’s going on. It doesn’t know everything. For example, it only knows age and sex of about 20% of you. Of that 20%, 85% of visitors are male, surprising absolutely no one.

The age breakdown goes something like this.

About half use Apple (iOS) and half use Android for mobile. The computer users are split evenly between Windows and Mac.

most visitors are from Delaware

Not surprisingly, most visitors are from Delaware (37%), followed by PA (21%), NJ (12%), MD (9%), and DC, followed then by trickles from NY, VA, CA, OH, and TX. I do get a few visits from outside the US.


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5 thoughts on “1,000

  1. That’s cool that you get so many visitors. I use my phone the most to check in, maybe I should use my laptop to give Linux a bigger presence. Perhaps it’s time to get into web design or analytics for industry? You have some experience and obviously the aptitude.

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