It’s taken a bit over a year, but thanks to my fans I’ve reached 10,000 Likes on OnlyFans. I knew I’d get here. Cum ride with me for the next year and more…

In this time, I’ve posted over 800 photos—aiming for 1,000—and 100 video—also aiming for 1,000. 😉

Even though I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to—or as much as you guys want—, I have been making updates including the pose I took and used in this promotion. There’s a lot more from this series, too. Plus, by popular demand, there’s a buttload of new anal content.

And as the promo says, I love shooting custom content—even if it’s for your eyes only. 👀 Of course, if you want me to share it, that’s cool, too. And I do have SnapChat, too. You know how to find me—just Google Delaware’s Favorite Little Slut, and that’s where I’ll be.

10,000 Likes on OnlyFans

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