You’ve been asking for two-girl specials, so I’ve teamed up with a special little elf for this holiday season. Guys who’ve met me know I’m special, but you should experience my petite friend and me unwrapping your package.

If you’ve been waiting for two girls, now is the time. And if you were a bit nervous about me being pregnant, my petite partner is not expecting, so experience the difference, and have some milk with your cookies.

Maybe you can help us to take some pictures for our next ad…

Pretty Kitty Stacey
Pretty Kitty

Our ad is on CityX.

2 Girls Special

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4 thoughts on “2 Girls Special

  1. If only I reside closer.The guys who do should count their lucky stars and treat yourself to a special Christmas gift.
    AS for me, guess I have to wait for the new year.Am overdue for a double,and it will be two years April.You don’t forget those dates.

  2. Hey Stacey. I’d love to try two girls with you. You met me in a hotel a few times, but haven’t responded to my texts. I hope you had a good holiday and all is well.

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