These are some ground rules and common courtesy.

Encounter: I expect to receive your donation prior to an activities. Be sure to include any upcharges. Before an appointment, place your donation in an envelope and leave it in a visible place. If you are paying by CashApp or Venmo, please send it before any activities begin. 

Hygiene: I am always immaculately groomed and expect the same in return. Please shower prior to our meeting. You’re always welcome to shower at my place. I may even join you!

Discretion: What happens in private remains in private. Our time together is meant to be intimate, so I will not discuss with others what happens during meetings. I am nonjudgmental, so you can feel at ease.

Privacy: Please don’t ask where I am staying until we have made an appointment. For my own safety and privacy, I will inform you of the general area I am staying, and I will let you know exactly where I am when the time comes. 

Limits: I am openminded and willing to accommodate all sorts of experiences, but please respect any limits I might have. I am very fetish-friendly, and if you have any special requests or are wondering if something is inbounds, just ask me.

Schedule: Call if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same, although it is a very rare occasion you will find me late for an appointment. As well, please don’t be early for incall appointments.

3 thoughts on “Etiquette

  1. Hi Stacy would love to see you today I am done work at 530 I work here in Dover for XXX would like an incall I cant host, phone number 302-249-XXXX if that doesn’t work maybe tomorrow morning before work let me know

  2. Hi Stacey
    I am impressed at how well you have created your website. It really is very good indeed!

    The one aspect that I am concerned about is the etiquette during this COVID pandemic. Obviously no one wants to get it or pass it onto you.. but having a session in full protective equipment might be less than sexy!

    What are the general guidelines in this regard.

    Look forward to hearing from you

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