Jay asked me if I still meet up since I’m on OnlyFans. Yes. Of course I do.

First, any content on OnlyFans is me and clients, mostly regulars. It’s a win-win.

How to connect is to text or call.

Here’s what you need to know:

I literally get thousands of texts. It is extremely easy for your text to get buried several scrolls down—and very quickly. Nothing personal, but at that point, you’ll need to text again to bump yourself to the top and restart the queue.

I pick up my phone even less frequently. Texting is your best bet.

I look at email once of twice a week. If you send an email, it’s more likely that I’ll open if if you text me any mention it.

I read comments and messages on OnlyFans, but I do not solicit there or they’ll shut me down. If you want to comment there, make it about the content. Feel free to let me know you sent a text. I’ll probably tell you to send another so it’s at the top of the list. I have met plenty of people from OnlyFans but only because they’ve found me through other sources. Of course, if I know you from OnlyFans or some other place, then your chances of hooking up are higher.

If you do text and know me—either because we’ve met before or you participate on OnlyFans—, make sure you let me know. If I don’t have you saved in my contacts, then you are just another unknown number, so at least if you let me know who you are, I be able to make the connection.

Your chances are best if you are a regular. After that, it’s when I post an ad. Obviously, that’s when I am looking for some company.

When I post an ad, keep this in mind:

  • If a regular connects with me because of the ad (or otherwise), obviously they get first dibs.
  • When I post an ad, the responses come in within a couple minutes—lots of them. Think of it like trying to get event tickets. I’m only one person, so I sell out quickly.
  • I get dozens and dozens of calls and texts, and I don’t typically scroll down to read old ones. If you text again, you’ll pop back to the top, and I can see how interested you are.
  • Don’t text spam me. If you text within the first five minutes and I haven’t responded, you probably haven’t won that lottery. If I haven’t responded, sending a flurry of texts or calls is more likely to piss me off than get you a date.
  • If I’m done with a date and I’m not too tired, I’ll likely post another ad. So even if you tried to hit me up 30 or 60 minutes earlier, check the time of the ad.
  • If the ad is a day or two old, I may still be available but not actively looking for dates, but if nothing else is going on in my life, I might answer. Just remember, I need downtime as much as anyone. IT should go without saying that if I don’t respond, sending me a text or calling me 5 or 10 minutes later is probably not going to work either.

Finally, don’t beg and grovel. No one wants to get fucked by a beggar. I am very accommodating, but I do know how to set boundaries. If you’re a regular, you know that some of these boundaries are more flexible than others, but begging is a huge turnoff for me.

For those looking for answers, I hope this helps. Don’t forget to review my rates. I get annoyed when people ask me for rates, where it also lets you know what’s on my menu. I’ve got this whole site to share this info.

Ads and How to Connect

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  1. Would love to set something up Iv been trying by email for months I’d love to help you make more videos and become a regular 😝

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