So this happened…

I just had a regular customer front me money for an overnight stay—and at a deep discount. Since he’s been a regular for years, I was giving him an overnighter for the price of an hour of GFE because he was begging for a birthday present. It’s not like I get a bunch of birthday presents. This guys obsessed. In fact, he’s the guy I wrote this post about him showing up to my place uninvited. He even admitted it in the comments. Let’s see if he cops to this one.

I was giving him an overnighter

The trouble started in the afternoon when he started texting me from his house around 2:00 asking when he could come over. I reminded him that this was an overnight stay not an all day affair. Still, he was blowing up my phone.

I reserved a room because I don’t feel comfortable even letting regulars stay overnight at my place. Around 8:00, when he texted again asking when, I told him soon. Come 9:00, I was situated, and told him it was OK to come up to my room.

I thought it was the cops

Dude comes up literally banging on the door. To tell the truth, I thought it was the cops, but when I saw who it was and opened the door, he was ranting in the doorway that I said soon at 8 and it was 9. And he started asking for the money he fronted me back.

I’m a slut whore. Really?

When I laughed at him, he started raising his voice and trying to embarrass me or something broadcasting to the world that I’m a slut whore. Really? I had to call the desk to get him to leave—and I gathered my shit and left shortly after.

He was blowing up my phone the whole time—calling and texting, texting and calling. He was still stewing in the parking lot, and he saw me flip him off as I was leaving.

I’m not your girlfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t need a boyfriend. And if I had one, he wouldn’t be around for long acting like this.


Don’t be a prick

First: Don’t be a prick. I was ready to give it up to him, but that’s no way to get a woman in the mood—not even a whore you are paying for.

Second: Don’t be a prick. You don’t get to act like a petulant asshole and then ask for forgiveness—yet again. I’ve lost count of the times. I don’t know what to say. Chill. Take your meds. Count backwards from 100. Sorry doesn’t count after the first time, let alone to umpteenth time.

Third: Don’t be a prick. It’s not as if you missed out on a 15-minute short stay and you wouldn’t have time to get off. All you had to do is shut your mouth and fuck me. That might even work better than counting backwards. Fuck me hard if it makes you feel better.

Fourth: Don’t be a prick. If history is any measure, he’ll come back with his tail between his legs apologizing like a motherfucker and asking for his money’s worth. Dude. You got your money‘s worth. Get over it. You paid for a life lesson, which is don’t be a prick.


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29 thoughts on “All-nighter

  1. Umm I have had a few all night visits but Im really confused. What is it that he missed out on from 8 to 9 that couldn’t have been done from 9 on? This seems to give a whole new definition of stupidity unless your pussy posts a “do not enter till dawn” sign at like 8:30 pm. Seems to me like it is time to move on. There is obviously a significant issue with this dude and I would be fearful what could happen next.

      1. Unless you were running a Happy Hour that ended at 9. lol If so tell me what all your happy hour includes I might order up.

  2. Crazy, crazy stuff. You’re far too generous, but that’s understandable – he was a regular. No matter how many times I see a lady, I never think am entitled to anything, so this guy should be counting his blessings instead of nickle and diming time, bitching and ranting like a maniac. I had two overnights a little while back, and they actually started 10 – 11PM. He just watered down the value of being classified as a regular. Stuff like this probably makes you wonder how well you know and can trust people, much less to spend an overnight with them. Yes, you never know what people are on or their mental status. Be very careful. And by the way, great idea not to have an overnight at your place.

    1. Unfortunately, too many of my customers are labile and somewhat unpredictable, on one minute and off the next. I try not to joke about being off-meds because mental health issues are serious, but I don’t know how else to explain the randomness of some people.

  3. The guy showing up at your door uninvited should have been enough to get him permanently banned. He seems obsessed and has major boundary issues.

    Please be careful about your safety and cut this guy off.

      1. But he honks his horn outside your home on and on. Then knocks/bangs on you door/looks around and acts up at a hotel. All drawing unwanted attention. Plus i saw when he hinted at posting personal info about you here, says you know who u can trust and he “loves you more” and makes a cash date offer on your comments section of blog. When is enough enough? I know you have history but this is over the board off the hook crap especially in light of the fact that you were there and available for him. Sorry babe but you know what I do…..the esculation continues. Someone who is to be “trusted” “loves you more” just doesn’t try to publicly embarrass you or make your shit public. Whats next?

  4. Larry is u read the reason I stopped by was not for a date.. it was to give her money to get her phone turned back on so she could get other dates and make some money…

    1. The reason is not important. If it was that important, you could have sent it by CashApp or left cash in my mailbox with a note if you really had to come into my space, but you were banging on the door, ringing the bell, looking in windows. Creepy shit, man.

      1. Andrew – you fucked up big time – it seems like repeatedly – and hopefully you won’t get any more chances to do it again.

      2. Ive heard your not a bad dude in so many ways…..but eventually, if not now, these behaviors will end this for you.Sometimes 10 great things don’t equal 1 horrible behavior..Who wants to open a package that sometimes has diamonds but on occasion has a live bomb.

      3. This guy clearly doesn’t respect you.He has serious issues.Seen all this behavior before,and I can tell you ,it never gets better and never ends well.End it now.

    2. You’re not a man. Grow some balls. Real men don’t mention gifts given to women. You’re trying to embarrass this woman, but you are just embarrassing yourself. This just shows that you’re, cheap, jealous, petty, low-down, and ghetto, with serious mental and psychological issues.

  5. I don’t know the person but you would be best to cut it off now before you get hurt. You’re be better off with guys that aren’t looking for love. Now I know what you were busy with when I texted you, you’d have been better off hanging out with a non local like me, maybe next time.

  6. Yes I may have overreacted to the situation but I was just a little frustrated with Stacey because I have really done a lot for her and I sometimes feel a little used and unappreciated of how she has sometimes blown me off… she is a great girl and I hope you guys show her the respect she deserves… I am here to apologize to her and to all I put her through… my loss..

    1. Andy, the problem is that I wasn’t blowing you off. I was right there. And you were there. That’s obviously not being ghosted. If you felt unappreciated, this wasn’t the time and place. And it certainly wasn’t the approach to take. You are not the only person that’s blown up like this, but the result of me leaving is always the same. I was right there for you. No reason to cry over spilt milk. Water under the bridge. I’ve already said the rest.

      1. Dude, as I said above I know your not all bad and you two have history.I have done for Stacey as well…as a friend and client.You are wrong about her not appreciating you hence the all nighter.You just have overwhelming expectations on what you think appreciation should be.I never expect her availability on demand.The only time Ive been to her home is when I helped her move in and when I dropped stuff off on a day she wasn’t even home.I would never visit her without consent just like I would never visit others I have helped without consent.I would never ask for a discount for my birthday but I have accepted a gift or two from her and I remember her on holidays with gifts.This is her business man don’t cross over thinking friendship mean free dates.The fact she even still sees/ was still seeing you well that was her thing…

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