I want you to know that I’ve got an Amazon.com Associate account, and you guys can help me just by clicking to Amazon from my site. Even if you don’t know what you are going to buy but want to browse or search for something, if you do ending up buying something, I’ll get a cut, and it won’t cost you a shekel more. We both win.

It’s a Win-Win situation

What this means is that you don’t have to be buying me a gift. It doesn’t have to be sexy lingerie, leggings, shoes, dildos, anal plugs, or anything like that. I can earn some extra cash whether you are buying something for your wife, your car, your dog, or yourself.

If you click through another site, they’ll get the cash. If you just go the Amazon straightaway, Amazon just keeps the cash. And they’ve got enough fucking cash. So help me instead.

You can click from this post, or click a link in my wishlist. Either way.

Of course if you buy me a gift, you can bet I’ll get on your naughty list.

If you bookmark this link or save a copy of it, you don’t even need to visit my site to give me credit:


Oh, and thanks!


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