First, I want to share with you the news that OnlyFans won’t allow sexual content starting October 1st, and obviously you guys are interested in explicit content, so obviously we need a plan. This news is not without opposition, but as with Backpage and other sites oriented toward sex work, the moralists seem to always win. bringing us all ever closer to the Gilead of Handmaid’s Tale notoriety. I am looking into other similar sites as well as considering adding a members area here for premium content. And you all know what that means. I’ll share details once I set up a new situation. Until then, please stand by.

Speaking of explicit, I’ve got a couple of anal topics. First: yes, I offer an anal option, but as I’ve said before it’s not my favorite for many reasons. Again, as tight as my pussy is—and you can read the reviews about that if you doubt me—, my ass is tighter.

My pussy has taken some pretty big cocks, as you’ve seen if you’ve been on OnlyFans, and those aren’t even the biggest, but most of those cocks are too thick for my little asshole. For some reason, a lot of guys with huge cocks are hitting me up for ass action, but it’s not gonna happen any time soon. I can take more than a pencil dick, but let’s just say if you are thicker than my thumb, you’re probably not getting in through the backdoor. Think of it like the signs at carnival rides. You need to be this tall to ride. Maybe I need a portable gloryhole that if your cock can’t fit through that hole, it’s not going into my hole. And I can have a slightly large hole for my cunt. My mouth on the other hand has always available—at least so far.

The second anal topic is that some guys have been begging me to make a video with me anal-training my ass with a glass butt plug. Someone gifted me one of these, but I haven’t used it yet, let alone video it. Just so you can judge for yourself, I’ve taken some photos of it beside the ones I’ve already used. It’s a lot bigger—thinker and longer. I am hoping that the longer makes insertion more gradual. And I’m hoping that the glass will make it smoother. We’ll see. I’m still trying to muster the courage find the time to capture some pictures.

Meantime, I’ve got plenty of anal content and of course fucking and sucking on OnlyFans, so get it while it lasts. My plan will be to upload most of the content to wherever my new site ends up, but you don’t have to wait to see it.

Anal Invasion

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12 thoughts on “Anal Invasion

  1. As a subscriber to ur only fans site this really sucks ! Butt I will follow u wherever u take your content…promise you that !

  2. When I get back I’ll be curious as to how you go about it, web design is a hobby that I’m not very good at.

    As to the other thing… Dang it. 🙂

  3. My subscription end November, so it’s kinda of a perfect timing. Fuck em,rather give my donation directly to you anyway.

    And for those who don’t care for politics (it govern our lives whether we care or not).Lots of behind the scene stuff going on -the Evangelical Christian right(they own many politicians on both sides) is throwing a lot of money around privately, with abortion rights their main target.

    Sites like eroticmonkey and theeroticreview is safe for now been based in the Czec.Repulic and Canada respectively.

    So yes ,OnlyFans will still be financially fine.

    1. Thanks. I’ll make sure your OnlyFans donation doesn’t go to waste and see what I can do to get you started on Fansly once it gets started. Obviously direct donations are better anyway because no one is taking a 20% cut like both OnlyFans and Fansly. I could set up my own site without taking the 20% hit, but that’s not free either. Besides the work of maintaining the site, there’s managing subscriptions, credit card processing, and connecting to a bank, with each step wanting money one way of another. Still, it would be less than 20%. If I move to Fansly and they pull a OnlyFans, I’ll be forced into a corner and just do it myself.

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