How many guys appreciate prostitutes? I’m not talking about me or a particular provider. I’m talking about in general.

I don’t mean that you appreciate a hole to deposit your cum in or just someone to talk to. I’m not talking about appreciating a cheeseburger when you’re hungry. I mean really appreciate.

I think most guys just expect a girl to be there. And sometimes, we are tough to find—and especially one who clicks with you and you click with her. And one that’s not just a step above a sex doll.

By appreciation, I don’t mean that you give her tips or extra money or gift cards or lingerie. Or even a nice dinner. I mean the feeling in your heart.

I’m so glad there’s someone who’s there for me and can give me comfort and sexual release. Or just talk a while.

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I suspect most guys just take us for granted. I’m not asking to be appreciated or fishing for compliments. I’m just wondering.

I can tell that most of my regulars genuinely appreciate me, but that’s different than appreciating the profession and the comfort service we provide.

Is there anyone out there just saying to themselves, “Thank God for sex workers!”?

During COVID, I see billboards and banners calling out nurses and health workers as heroes. I’m not asking to be a hero either. It isn’t about me.

But do I want to be appreciated? Of course. Don’t you. Be at the very least, I want to be treated kind. Like a regular person.

To be completely fair and transparent, some of you have been very generous to me over the holidays, so (again) I don’t want to come across like I am begging for goodies. I was just thinking. I remember after 9/11 and, like COVID, there was a lot of talk about appreciation for First Responders. I see lots of signs praising service members.

But not sex workers. There’s no Veteran’s Day for prostitute. No special treatment. We don’t get discounts on meals because of what we do. No free coffee (if I drank coffee). No boarding planes before everyone else. And certainly anyone who appreciates us in their hearts is not going to tell the world about their feelings. Shhh… It’s a secret.

I know many of you wish prostitution was just legal for consenting adults—if only for your own selfish reasons. And, as I said, I know you are happy to have a place to get your dick wet. And I’m here for you.

Should sex workers be appreciated, or is it just that everyone should get appreciation. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, garbage collectors, and football stars? Or do I have this wrong? What do you think about appreciation? What, if anything, do you appreciate?


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3 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. Kind of a broad subject.I respect and appreciate most everyone I have consistent interaction with ie my provider, trash man mail person and mechanic and usually provide a tip/gift of some type.But if I develop a close friendship with significant interaction with someone I appreciate them further by dropping what Im doing to meet up to provide assistance, meals,clothes Victoria Secret, furniture, rent assistance, diapers on and on.But obviously this type or level of appreciation wouldn’t be available to anyone, only one or two special friends.I would hope the appreciation was reciprocal.Does this make sense??

    1. This seems to be personal appreciation instead of the general appreciation Stacey is talking about. This is similar to someone claiming not to be prejudiced because they have a friend from another race. As with race, it’s not about how you treat the people you know, it’s about how you think about the people you don’t know, who you haven’t met, who you might meet as a stranger. Personally, I know a white woman who dates black men almost exclusively and who is prejudiced as fuck…just not who she’s actively dating. Once she moves on, the new guy can do no wrong, and the old guy go in the other bin, filed under N, if you catch my drift.

      I’ve read about how some hiring managers take their employee candidates to a restaurant just to see how they treat the staff. Of course, they are going to kiss your ass, but how will they treat the waitstaff, the busboys, or the other customers?

      I’m a WASP who grew up in Boston during desegregation and forced busing. My BEST friend was black. My parents were racist. My dad was more vocal about it in private, but he’d never let on in public. He accepted my friend and his family. He could even claim to have a black friend (maybe), but he was a racist. He’d be nervous about stopping to ask a black person for directions.

      Aside from this, he’s not an appreciative person. He’d be generous with my mum or tipping a waitress, but to him being a waitress was not a ‘good’ profession. Prostitution would not be something he’d be appreciative of. But he’d probably tip her well. That’s something different.

      As for me, personally, I give to Sex Worker charities and outreach programmes, so anonymous people can get a hand with no strings attached—or at least I’m not attaching the strings.

      Sorry for the long reply, but I feel that the difference is important. When you give a particular provider tips and gifts it’s because you expect something in return, whether more time, a ‘free’ fuck, or some other special treatment. This isn’t appreciation. It’s courtesy within commerce.

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