I don’t like that I am having to write this post, but some dates and prospective dates seem to think they can coerce me by threatening to write bad reviews. Go ahead. Write the bad review, but you aren’t going to get your way by threatening me. There are two types of threateners: regulars and the rest.

Most of you are awesome dates

Most of you are awesome dates. Even some who have threatened me were otherwise decent dates, but I need to draw the line somewhere.


Although regulars still make the same threats as the rest, which is coming up, they are more likely to make threats about when they want to meet: ‘If you don’t see me Sunday at 9, I am going to write a bad review’. Sorry, all you did is got onto my shit list and all but guaranteed that I won’t be seeing you at 9 on Sunday. The other is, ‘If you don’t see me Sunday at 9, I am going to call another provider’. If you think she’s a good substitute, call her. It’s your loss.

I had a guy (not one who threatened me) last week who couldn’t get our schedules to line up, so he called another girl, and he complained that she wasn’t that good. He told me her name. Don’t ask. It sounded like he wanted me to make up the difference for her bad performance. Da fuk? No. lol

he wanted me to make up the difference for her bad performance

The Rest

Other guys including regulars have tried to get more than they have paid for by issuing the same types of threats. They’ve asked for everything from wanting free dates (no lie), more time, premium services, or off-menu items.

Free dates? Really? What am I running, a charity?

More time? It’s like a parking meter. You want more time, just put more money in the slot.

I may throw in a premium service every now and again

Premium services? Guys who have known me a while know that I may throw in a premium service every now and again if I happen to be in the mood. This doesn’t mean everyone gets this benefit. It doesn’t even mean you’ll get it next time. My hope is that you’ll enjoy it and think it’s worth paying for next time around.

Off-menu items? Please. This is like going into Burger King and asking for a Big Mac or a McChicken sandwich. You’re in the wrong place.

I am extremely accommodating

I am extremely accommodating, so if it’s not on the menu, there’s a reason…and it’s probably not about the money. Feel free to ask about my menu, just don’t be pushy if I say no. And don’t threaten me. Just look for another provider who will say yes.

Bad Reviews and Other Escorts

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11 thoughts on “Bad Reviews and Other Escorts

  1. Home life, quarantine, and Delaware rules have all worked to prevent me from being able to see you. Strange times. I have been thinking about you so much though, can’t wait to come by and spend some time with you. I’m so glad you know how to deal with people and stay positive. And let me see your tits in the meantime.

  2. You’re sweet baby and u keep us entertained during this difficult time for all. That is why I continue to support you even though there is social distancing. I hope all your fans here are sending you a little something to keep you and yours afloat during this rough time. Every $20 would help so you are still around when guys like me are ready for your live entertainment again. Please post a link for donations!!

    1. Dan, the girlfriend experience starts and stops with the date. Most girlfriends sit and eat Twinkies and watch Netflix half the time. This is why guys pay for prostitutes to begin with. It’s also why a lot of guys don’t have girlfriends. They have unrealistic demands and expectations. But until you are paying for a day or a week, the only time I play girlfriend is when the meter is running. And the meter doesn’t start until I get there. So unless you are paying for my time, you don’t get to tell me what to do with my time. Sound fair?

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