I sent out a survey in January asking about your taste in pussies, what you likes and didn’t like, and I posted the survey results here.

I’ve mostly had a bald pussy since I was about 12, and I prefer no pubic hair. I know that’s not everyone’s preference, as you can judge from the survey, but I’d like to know—for those who do prefer nothing down there—why you this is your preference.

Here’s another very short survey asking why you prefer a bald pussy.

I’ll post the results sometime next week or so.

Zoom into the talent

I read a Cosmopolitan article that showed that most women prefer bald pussies, but most men prefer a trimmed bush. I am glad that you guys prefer bald.

Bald Pussies

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4 thoughts on “Bald Pussies

  1. I just prefer your pussy, bald or not. So long as you don’t go Amazon woman your pussy is very pretty.

    In other news, looks like things are going to loosen up soon. I am greatly looking forward to seeing you again.

    1. No risk of going full on Amazon with the bush, and I am pretty sure those Amazon chicks cut off a tit in some of those Greek myths, so that’s not happening either. I’m very attached to these babies, as your mouth should be, too.
      And just for the record, I’m not so ‘loosen up’ and ‘pussy’ should be used too close in a post on pussies. No judging. Just saying. haha

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