I just noticed that in May, I had my best month of traffic yet: over 2,400 unique people (guys) visited my site. That’s about 78 a day not counting repeat visits.

Let me be clear, that’s visits per day to my website–not my house–because 78 guys a day in customers would be over $15,000 a day, and I’m pretty sure there’s not enough time in the day to service that many guys. We’re talking a date every 15 minutes a day, and barely leaving time to eat and sleep. But mad cash.

As usual, most of my new traffic comes from my Erotic Monkey profile.

Hoping for over 2,500 this month.

On the downside, just over 100 of these visits were return visitors. Obviously, these include some of my regulars and my usual commentators here, so thanks. I’m going to try to find the time to make more updates and get more pictures here, especially since I am taking this break.

Best Month Yet

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