What is the best provider experience you’ve ever had and why?*


I am not asking who was the prettiest or sexiest (unless that’s what made her the best). I am wondering you left you thinking, ‘Man, I can’t wait to hit that again‘. What made is so special? Was it what she was open to, the number of times, her eagerness, her patience, her oral skills, the thing she did with the ping pong balls, toys? What made her so memorable? 

You don’t need to share her name, but you can if you want. And share the location if you feel like it.

* I am not fishing for compliments, and I won’t be offended if you do or don’t include me as your ATF (All time favorite)

Best Provider Ever (Survey)

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2 thoughts on “Best Provider Ever (Survey)

  1. To make it short and sweet:

    After decades of wives and girlfriends and me doing them, I met Stacy and she does me without hesitation or me begging. lol. Believe me you won’t find that from most of the other quality providers.

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