Yay! My nipples are re-pierced. And that’s not all. I love my nipples to be pierced because they are so sensitive. I missed the feeling. Besides, I like to adorn my tits. As you know, not many guys expect a C-cup on such a tiny frame.

This COVID-19 is bullshit. So many of the shops in the area are closed. I called over a dozen and a half places before I finally found American Art Tattoo. Dave was about to close for the night, but I was able to make a last minute appointment. Unfortunately, his website seems to be down, but his Facebook page is up.

I decided to just do my nipples

I want to get my old piercings redone, so he needed to look at everything first. I wanted to get everything done at once, but he recommended not to, so I decided to just do my nipples and nose.

my nipples were too big

I paid Dave and asked me to lift my top as he was getting the barbells. When my nipples caught his attention, his reaction was priceless. He paused and said I might need to come back another time so he could order different hardware. He thought that my nipples were too big, so the bar wouldn’t go all the way through.

Next thing I know, he’s measured the length of the bar and wants to caliper my nipples. It was weird. I didn’t ask him what the diameter was. It turned out that the bar was just long enough. Crisis averted.

it felt like nipple clamps

Next thing I know, he’s pinching my nipples with forceps and asked me to hold them in place. Honestly, it felt like nipple clamps. He doesn’t believe in using a gun because it causes more trauma to the body, so he uses a needle.

He was able to use the same piercing locations, which is nice. I gotta be honest. It hurt more this time than I remember. The first time, the first nipple was a breeze. Easy peasy. With the second one, I went through the roof. But he did a good job. Of course, it should go without saying that my nips are off limits until at least August because they need to heal.

my nips are off limits

I know I’ve got nice sized nips that arouse at the drop of a hat. I almost always have high beams, but now that they’re pierced, they’re always pokey. My biggest worry is that they’ll tear through the fabric of my shirts.

Big Time

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6 thoughts on “Big Time

  1. The Princess returns!!!!!! Missed you baby….well at least the site and sights….You are still the best date ever!

  2. That’s why am a boobsman.Those girls always look great.Now with added amenity and a green light date for August-good timing.

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