Some guys seem to think that if you’re a sex worker that you must love huge cocks. I do happen to enjoy sex, and I’m good at it, as I’ve posted before, but I’m no size queen.

Not Stacey

Some girls love huge dicks—let’s call them H—, and some girls don’t—let’s call them D. Escorts are just girls, and they have the same feelings: it’s either the bigger the better or not. Some escorts might tolerate bigger dicks than a ‘regular’ girl, but even that has limits.

First, most girls are not interested in your dick pic, sex worker or not. Escorts have likely seen plenty of dicks and yours may be special to you—you may have even given it a pet name—, but—and let’s be honest here—it’s just another dick.

Second, if you’ve got an out-sized cock and are trying to impress a D-girl, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. Even an H-girl may not be impressed by an unsolicited dick pic.

Another thing you might not know. We girls are built differently in our ability to handle different cock sizes. Some of us are smaller than others. I’m medium. My pussy is tight even for tiny penises, and I can take a decent size cock pretty easily, but even I’ve got limits.

Some guys are self-aware enough to text a note to say ‘My cock is huge, but I just want a blowjob’. Without the note, they may find the don’t get a lot of responses. I’ve heard of some girls who prefer anal instead of vaginal sex, but this is not me, so don’t come barking up that tree around me.

Pro Tip

Don’t send a picture unless its asked for.

Finally, if you have a large cock, feel free to call. You’ll still get off and leave happier than when you arrived. Just don’t be offended if you don’t get pussy access because even if I can take your big dick, the next guy may not be thrilled if he’s just average or less.

And not for something completely different

Biggus Dickus

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8 thoughts on “Biggus Dickus

  1. It’s difficult to tell with, shall we say, women of the night whether or not they mean it when they tell you it’s big. I never thought of mine as large and have now had 2 providers tell me as much. Another, not you, expressed deep concern about girth. I never want to make someone uncomfortable, I respect what you do far too much. I guess maybe I should ask moving forward?

    1. Always polite to ask. Some girls are tighter and some are shorter inside…and some are both…and some are cavernous, bottomless pits…or so I’ve heard.

      It also depends on preference. For girls who prefer smaller, even average may seem large…and vice versa. lol

  2. Well I have been told that I have a nice dick (whatever that means ) I have never questioned it .Have also been told that I am “A little bigger”,than many , that I can accept, because am definitely no porn star, not even close.

    There is an idiom that says “moderation (medium ) is key”.So guess am in the acceptable category – no issues thus far.

    In response to the service/business side of this hobby,I agree that “big “dicks” are definitely not a good thing for some ladies ,in consideration of the the various lesser sizes of other clients.,,and their satisfaction .

    “Big dicks” however do have their place in porn,and also many women in civic life loves them.

    1. Very true. I like big dicks, too. It’s just my preference to use my mouth on them. 😉

      I have my opinions on nice dicks, but I am not going to write about it because I don’t want to offend anyone. There are nice dicks and nice pussies, and then there are some ‘less nice’ ones. lol

      1. Ahhh, I know you’re a smart woman ,and by the way you’re driving me nuts mentioning that mouth. Can’t wait to see you again -glad Spring is around the corner (as they say).

        “Nice dick” .That’s why I never asked.But I would like to know – so maybe you will tell me in person.

        Actually in hind sight , I have heard the saying before – that a nice dick is one that ‘tips`, .so I guess it can mean different things, or a combination of, to different people.

        Nice pussy ? Ahhh.. ,Stacey,Stacey,I better get to bed for work early.

  3. So I decided to get some closure on the “nice dick” ,and ask a friend what she thinks about it. While she give attributes to the physicality of the dick – why it’s nice ,she also believe in what she called the “whole package” .And that includes things like generosity (tip),respectfullnes, a dick that that arrive on time and don’t overstay his time ,among a few other rules.

    So I think we should be happy that Stacey is much nicer than that.But that does not mean we should try and break her rules.

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