Here are the results of my blowjob survey. Somehow I am always surprised at how many results I get. Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to suck a lot of your cocks. You know what they say…

So many cocks. So little time.

If you have anything to add, leave a comment below.

About two-thirds of the guys who responded have not had the pleasure of me devouring their cocks.

Has Stacey ever sucked your cock? 

I hope that this post helps you to see that unless I know your preferences, you may not get exactly what you want, so like they say in preschool, ‘Use your words’. You have to tell me if you want me to go fast or slower, shallow or deep, or more of less tongue action. I pride myself in being able to read guys, but it’s still faster for you to come out and tell me. If you aren’t really sure, just signal me that something feels good or not-so-much.

She gives great head..mixture of hand and mouth and a great deal of suction does the trick!

Although almost everyone likes or loves blowjobs, most of you prefer my pussy, and that is certainly understandable. As it turns out, if you had to choose one and only one choice, over half of would rather have pussy over blowjobs. 7% would prefer the backdoor option to either. From my experience, that sounds about right.

If you could only access one hole the rest of your life, which would it be?

Nobody said they didn’t like blowjobs at all. I’ve heard some guys tell me this, but none answered my survey. Almost two-thirds said BJs are awesome, and over twenty percent said they depend on the girl. Given the other responses, I’ll take it that I am a dependable cocksucker.

What’s your position on receiving a blowjob?

As for technique, this is always tricky. Guys have different preferences. What one guy loves, another guy hates. Some guys like it slow with a lot of suction, and some guys like it fast with a lot of drool.


Some guys want me to suck on their head, and others want to shove it all the way down my throat. Even the guys who want deepthroat have preferences: some guys want me to choke and gag until my eyes water while other guys see this as the sign of an amateur cocksucker, who can’t take it all the way down effortlessly.

And then there’s whether I should use my hands a little, a lot, or not at all.

Do you prefer her to use her hand when she sucks your cock?

Most guys want at least a little hand action, but about twenty percent don’t want anything to compete with my lips.

Look, ma, no hands.

And then there’s the matter of where to deposit your payload. Most guys say they’d want me to swallow, but, not to be Debbie Downer, that’s fluid exchange, so risky behavior for sex workers. Just cumming in my mouth isn’t so safe for me, and who knows where my mouth has been? I know, but you don’t. Better to be safe than sorry. Just saying.

Where do you prefer to cum when getting head?

Plenty of guys are fine with a nice facial anyway. More than half would rather cum on my face or tits, so that’s a good sign. And for the guys who would rather I swallow, almost a third of them would be fine with cumming on my face, so few guys would actually be very disappointed.

If she lets you cum in her mouth, what does she do with your deposit?

And so to end this post, I’m sharing some of the comments guys whose cocks I have sucked.

  • She gives great head..mixture of hand and mouth and a great deal of suction does the trick!
  • One of the best, and she swallowed!
  • It warmed me up just right for her tight pussy
  • Amazing, more balls while sucking though
  • Amazing!
  • Great!
  • Perfect!

Until next time…

BJs Я Us

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2 thoughts on “BJs Я Us

  1. I think you have pretty much covered everything.

    Although BBBJCIM is very pleasurable ,yes there is some risk in CIM.So ,I think that good judgement and screening by both party can eliminate/minimize many problems to an extent.But I can only speak for myself ,because I know I have a duty to stay healthy for my own good and the good of others.

    Anyway back to the BJ.Yes ,if needed , a little guidance is good in order to obtain desired results.

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