It seems some recent comments on this blog have created a disturbance in the force. It seems some guys have a problem with me seeing black guys. And let’s be honest, these are white guys. If you have a problem with me seeing black guys, Hispanic guys, Asian guys, Indian guys, or white guys, then just don’t call me. I don’t need to hear from you telling me that you aren’t seeing me because I see black guys.

skin color is not important to me

I am not color blind. I see color, and skin color is not important to me. Are there black guys I won’t see? You bet—just as there are white guys I won’t see. You have no idea how many guys I just don’t meet. And it has nothing to do with color.

Who do I want to meet?

I prefer older married professional men. Even semiprofessional is fine. I want a guy who is laid back and just wants to get on with things and get back to his life or his job or his wife. No drama. No bullshit. No strings.

I prefer older married professional men

I don’t want schemers or lowballers. I don’t want playas and gangstas. I don’t want hillbillies. And I don’t want gangbangers. I am looking for an attitude.

I can tell a lot about a person from a text or by talking to him on the phone. I don’t need to see a picture to catch a bad vibe. But if I don’t see you, I don’t owe you an explanation. It’s my prerogative.

hygiene is a big issue for me

And hygiene is a big issue for me. I don’t care what color cock I’m sucking, but it needs to be clean. Even a condom can’t help when it’s funky down there. If it’s that bad, you’re going to need to take me doggy style.

And I’m not judging. It’s not all about showering or bathing. Some guys just sweat like motherfuckers, and some are on medications that alter their smell. But I do have a say in what cocks I invite in and how I take them—or not.

I’m not just some random cum dumpster

I’m going to go right out and say that some of the black guys I see treat me with more respect than some of the white guys—not to say that some white guys don’t treat me right. I’m not just some random cum dumpster. And It’s not about just throwing cash my way either. You can’t throw cash my way and mistreat me, but if you are always trying to shortchange me and get deals all the time, that’s just a signal that you don’t value my services. If that’s the case, I’ll rather you keep your shekels for another girl who’s charging that rate.

Why write this?

Evidently, besides getting some ignorant texts, some guys are talking shit in private messages on USA Sex Guide that it’s too bad that I’m a ‘nigger lover’ and so on. I do feel #BlackLivesMatter, but I am a business woman who earns her living as a sex worker. If you have an issue with my fucking professional black men, just keep moving . There’s nothing to see here.

Black and White

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22 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. It is such a joke that some people believe they are better than others, SOLELY BASED ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN – Just totally laughable. No wonder so many embrace and worship as God – dumb-ass politicians who echo and embrace this sentiment, mainly through “dog whistles” and non-action. Much of it is just grudge and jealousy – some see a black or brown person’s success as their failure. Many of these people have been taught these things since they were babies, and it’s passed down like an inheritance, and some of the young ones are running with this sentiment because it’s a cheap escape from having to compete to show how better they are – because they are not.

    President Lyndon Baines Johnson spilled the beans on this issue in the 1960s. Here is his famous quote:

    “If you can convince the lowest white man that he is better than the best colored man, you can pick his pocket; but, if you give him someone to look down on, he will give you all his money.”

    America’s got some really dumb people. Just ask some what “defund the police” means. Smart people know that it means a diversion of some of the money used to over-militarized the police to other areas of the community to make it economically functional – thus requiring less policing, because the number one problem in these places are a lack of economic opportunities. On the contrary, some actually believe it means getting rid of cops altogether.

    Here are a few books on that may help a dumb racist if he chooses to:

    1. How to be an anti-racist – Ibram X Kendi, PhD
    2. White Rage – Carol Anderson, PhD
    3. Empire of Illusion – Chris Hedges
    4. American Fascists – Chris Hedges
    5. Everything Trump Touches Dies – Rick Wilson
    6. The Key to the Colors – Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

    Stacey’s pretty much got it covered, she knows how to handle her business, but I’d add my contribution. This is the year 2020. May God help these fools. Why call people names when you got one yourself. So much more to be said, but I can’t do it all here.

    1. Not a problem, they are all there for anyone /everyone. Just one correction – Frances Cress Welsing (not Welding) -Typo error.

  2. Boobsman, I’m sure Stacey won’t post my real comment but lets just say your obviously not the “sharpest tool in the shed”. You let CNN propaganda influence your lower functioning capabilities. White lives matter as well even if CNN doesn’t report the murder of the 5 yr old white boy murdered by a young black adult male (obviously not a man) because the boy went into the guys yard. You obviously aren’t able to see this communist type propaganda being shoved up lesser than average intellects asses as truth. I feel bad for you.
    Stacey DOES NOT see many black men because she was traumatized by the vicious robbery and physical attack two black “clients” bestowed upon her. One or two bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch however you look them over much closer. She is not racist per say she is fearful. She stopped working due to the incident. Stacey I’m tired of these self righteous idiots blowing noise on your blog. When was the last time he even saw you. Dude take your loser ball (or maybe for this forum balls) home and when your ready to pony up loosen your lips. And Stacey you ARE a great person and have no reason to feel ashamed about your hesitation. BTW my best platonic female friend is a very active Blacklivesmatter supporter black single mother but she believe white lives matter as well and all others for that matter. SMFH

    1. Dude. I am sure that Boobsman can take care and defend himself, but I am going to throw him support against your ignorance. ‘I am on speaking terms with a black woman’. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. That’s what all racists say. WTF? You end with the classic, ‘one of them is my best friend’ line. Classy. That you have a single black friend doesn’t make you not a racist any more than having a single gay friend makes you not homophobic. It’s not about friends, it about how you perceive and treat the people in these categories who you don’t know.

        I won’t even call you out for your grammar skills: ‘your obviously’? Really. That’s like middle school English. Fucking ‘possessive case’ not a contraction for ‘you are’. If you can’t keep this straight, just spell it the fuck out: Y-O-U A-R-E. WTAF?

          And the fuck who calls out #WhiteLivesMatter in response to #BlackLivesMatter is like some ignorant fuck who shouts out #ColonCancerMatters to people asking for support of breast cancer. Or the fuck who calls out the guy flying the American flag by noting that #AllFlagsMatter. Ya. Like that.

            Of course your token black friend agrees with you that white lives matter, but that’s not the fucking point. Whites aren’t the ones incarcerated to the order of 35%+ of the prison population when they comprise less than 15% of the general population. This perpetuates the slavery that was to have ended in the 1860s and ensures black men don’t have a chance to succeed because they have felony records when the white boy gets by with nothing or a misdemeanor. I’m calling bullshit and systematic racism.

              Sure, white people die all the time. People die from fucking old age. Who are you blaming then? Don’t be such a knob job and welcome to the 21st century. Now act like it instead of some privileged reprobate. Maybe you should purchase some of Boobsman’s books recommendations.

              1. You actually can see through him as well. He doesn’t have the mental ability to discern any of what we said.

                People like these are why America is at where it is.

                Thanks for highlighting all those other points.

                Just one more thing before I go – am surprised he didn’t mentioned how “woke” he is.

            • You know what, go get this book “Good White Racist“. It’s on Amazon as well. And read about yourself, then come back and talk, but don’t tell me about some black person you happen to know – that means nothing to a so-called white supremacist in disguise.

                Now let’s address all your dogma categorically.

                  1. The fact that you consume all the filth from fox News (fake fox – because they are not in it for news, just a Robert Murdock racist propaganda machine) does not mean I do the same for CNN or any other news outlet. I know how and where to find accurate information, having written several research papers in college.
                  2. White lives always matter. BLACK LIVES are the ones that never mattered. If You you want proof you can start looking from about 1619. You have the audacity of actually trying to silent black people fighting to get the knee of oppression off their necks despite all the atrocities these people went through and continue to go through. The KKK have infiltrated just about all police unit in America (the FBI said it, not me) — are they spreading communist propaganda too? The KKK join police units so they can commit their crimes under the guise of ‘law enforcement’ and get away with it, but people are walking up.
                  3. You have the gall to actually focus solely on this incident with this kid. Yes it’s wrong, and he won’t escape the law for sure. What about the millions of incidents against blacks kids by white racists who lynched hundreds? What about the three black girls that were fire bombed in the South in the 1960’s? What about Timothy McVeigh who killed and wounded hundreds in Oklahoma city bombing in 1995? These are just the Big incidents. There are millions more. Are you playing stupid or you’re just a dumb Trumper?
                  4. You know nothing about me and where I stand regarding criminals. Your assumption about me stems from the fact that you can’t handle what I have written because it fits you perfectly. A white male who doesn’t want change, who wants to keep the good old boy racist system going. Going around shouting “white lives matter” in a effort to try and shut up black people. Go get your own slogan. Yes I have read Stacey’s blog and learned of the incidents. You don’t know me, but you assumed that I condone their criminal actions. I was not raised in the ghetto. Even if I was, that would still not define me. If you had read my review of my meeting with Stacey, you would know where I stand ,but it probably would not make a difference with a mentality like yours.You are a sick racist claiming to have “black friends” .Wish I know that black mother you claiming to be hanging around, because you’re a snake in disguise.
                  5. Communist… I am actually laughing at this moment. Now I see you. I’m surprised you didn’t add Socialist as well. If I ask you to explain these economic systems you wouldn’t have a clue. You are just regurgitating a fox news, racist talking point. Its dumbed-down idiots like why this country’s wealth divide continues to expand—calling Bernie a socialist for pushing for Medicare for All. We are the only country in the world with a 100% private health care system, and look at us. 68,000 people on average die each year because they cant afford health insurance. Obama tried. Trump should have build on it instead of trying to tear down everything that Obama built. Independent women like Stacey should be able to buy affordable health insurance without having it attached to some shitty job that doesn’t pay much to begin with. You say you care about her so much, but look at the people you support. Cuba is a communist country yet they handled the pandemic better than dumb Trump (your messiah, Lord and savior). America’s response is the worst in the world. Even the Bahamas banned us from coming there. 170,000 (and counting) people dead from covid19 under trump’s watch. Is that what “make America great again” means. I guess he finally sees it’s no hoax.
                  6. Socialism… when they can’t get to exploit Americans to make themselves wealthier they called them Socialist. The biggest beneficiary of socialism is the so-called wealth people. Our tax dollars bail them out every time there is an economic downturn. They only have a problem when socialism benefits struggling people, and they are aided by idiots like you.

                  Am not gonna waste anymore time on you unless you write something stupid again. I doubt you’ll learn anything today.

              • Lol. Like I said Stacey off the hook. Insecure people make insecure comments. Baby you just continue to do you.

              • You guys just don’t get it. Stacey is racially indifferent but a brutal many hour assault has traumatized her. Just stop making things worse by making innuendos about how she should see things. smh

                1. Actually you’re the one who keeps bringing it up. Give the woman a chance to get past it. In other words, just shut your mouth for a minute. What the he’ll is wrong with this guy?

                  1. Clueless.This is Stacey’s business not a place for you to pursue your political agenda.You don’t help support her business much but then you try to alienate Stacey from a segment of her clients who are educated businessmen who may not share your political views.She has a place, a child ,a car.Do you send her help????
                    Ive seen the texts that she received.White idiots that condemn her for her preferences.She has feelings.She is human.I’m also aware the she received comments from black men suggesting she doesn’t see black men when if you look at her site there is feedback from black men proving otherwise.This is not a racial platform.It is Stacy’s livelihood and she is in a tough spot and doesn’t need you interferring.smfh

                    1. My comments are directed to you and you only. Don’t try to link anyone else. When you come on this blog mentioning Fox News and calling me a communist, what do you think that is all about, and where does it all come from? Are you playing stupid or just stupid? Your verbiage is all to familiar, so don’t light a fire and then try to run away claiming and pretending to be otherwise. If you know anything about how society works, you would know that it’s all interconnected, social, economic, and political. Keep Stacey out of this. I have nothing to say to you on that, so don’t even try.

                        You’re just an egotistic maniac.

                2. The thing is that males are inherently competitive, so I believe the issue is that SOME white males just assume all black men are hung and that bothers them when they assume and envision a white woman being stretched out by a hung black man and actually like it.

                  Indian men are just as dark skinned and many are even darker then many African American men who come in different shades due to their blood European ancestry but white men don’t have a problem with Indian men sleeping with white women because white males are generally a little physically larger/muscular then Indian men and Indian men don’t have the reputation of being hung so clearly the issue is penis size. It’s sexually jealousy.

                  That being said the stats don’t lie. Look it up, the most popular watched porn is interracial porn. People love it even if they won’t admit it in public. To me there is nothing better than a black man making sweet love to a white woman. It seems to bother everyone including even black women. Again sexual jealousy.

                  1. What guys don’t know is that huge cocks don’t stretch out a vagina. Some vagina are just loose and some are tight. Just like some cocks are huge and some are tiny. No amount of fucking is going to change either.

                    A lot of guys want to watch a pussy or ass or mouth get stretched to the limit. To each his own.

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