Don’t think I didn’t notice you checking out my ass.

I just posted a few new pics I took of me in my bedroom wearing a sexy black bustier from Victoria’s Secret. What’s missing? You, of course.

Stacey in her bedroom looking at camera wearing a black bustier and thong with stockings. Mirror selfie

As always, I’d love to read your comments. And f you haven’t shared your opinion on yoga pants, do it now.

Black Bustier for May

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3 thoughts on “Black Bustier for May

  1. Stacey is a great person and Ive seen her for while.We had a special arrangement and she has struggled to keep me happy with everything else going on in her life. Although I adore her, I have caused too much friction between us and I realize I need a sugar baby not an escort to be happy. She is a gem and she will treat you well, but sadly I have to move on. Baby, I am sorry for anything I did to make you feel bad. I am your biggest fan on every site and forum. I am happy to see you in your new place and am glad I could make things a bit better for you .

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