A lot of guys don’t know that my nipples and I lot of other locations on my body have been pierced. I haven’t worn any jewelry in years, and the holes are closed up, but I am think about getting things pierced again—starting with my nipples.

Photoshop is the easiest way to experiment with nipple piercings

I am also thinking of getting some piercings on my pussy again, too. The top photo is a picture of my pussy that’s already been shared—both my pussy and the picture—, so I thought it would be a nice place to start. Here’s what my pussy would look like if I got a crap ton of piercings.

Stacey's pierced genitals
Photoshop is also the easiest way to experiment with genital piercings

Rather than just jump in and get totally pierced, I thought that a piercing survey would help me to know what you guys think about it. And if you like my idea, then which ones should I start with and which ones should I skip.

The survey is short and the choices each have the name of the piercing and a bad but good enough Photoshop image, so you can have a better reference. Of course, these are only for reference. I don’t know what jewelry I’d insert—and that’s after I heal. Where there are bars, may be rings, and vice versa. Not all possible piercings are shown, and it’s Photoshop, so some of the placements may be off. There’s a place for additional comments on the survey. So, take the survey and leave comments there or here. Let me know what you’re thinking.

Body Piercing

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7 thoughts on “Body Piercing

  1. Hey babe whatever makes you feel better… i don’t think any of your favorite guys will complain either way… like I always tell you… you do you…

  2. The one ring at the top of kitty would be perfect – my opinion. Don’t over do it, some people gonna be complaining.

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