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11 thoughts on “Bottoms Up

  1. Hi Stacey…I like the new look (hair)😍 and the view (ass)😉. Your as sexy as ever and I can’t wait for our next encounter. Be safe and I will see you soon.

    1. The hair is a work in progress. I’m trying to go blonde, but me hair is so dark, it’s taking many treatments spaced apart. Between this an outfits, now you know where my money goes. lol Although I recently got a HUGE stripper clothes donation I can’t wait to model.

  2. That’s a beautiful view Stacey. I’ve come back more than once to get another look. What’re your feelings on a guy getting in a few licks on your back door. I love the new pics and I’ll keep my eyes open looking for your videos. Can’t wait to get to meet in person.

      1. Found your cashapp on here so I sent a few dollars to show I’m really looking to get together. I don’t want to text you too much so lmk what I should do baby. Hope to hear soon 🙂

  3. Ack. I’ve always loved your dark hair contrasting with your fair skin. O well I prefer you bottoms up so wont notice the blonde 😆

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