I don’t do car dates. Never have done one. So, why do I have the option? 

I prefer half-hour and 1-hour dates. I don’t want to feel rushed anymore than you do. I barely do short stays. I usually reserve these for in between dates or when I need extra cash. 

I had a request the other day for a 1-hour car date. First off, I will not do a 1-hour car date. If I ever do, it will be a SS and probably just a BJ. I am very accommodating, but if you can’t afford a room, I’m not sure I need to be accommodating you. As I say, I prefer older gentlemen. They are more stable and tend to have more respect. They aren’t trying to hook up with car dates. 

I don’t prefer Greek either, which is why I offer it but only with an upcharge. I suppose if I up-charged for car dates, the offers would slow down or stop becaue it’s not about preference. It’s about being cheap. I’m not cheap, and I am not looking for cheap dates. 

But if you are on a budget, I do offer specials at least once a month or so. So, just keep your eyes open for these occasions. As it happens, I am running a special for Labor Day weekend, so if you’ve been waiting for a lower donation, now’s the time. 

https://cityxguide.com/escorts/imagine-me-on-my-knees-in-front-of-you-stacey-in-new-castle-special-29086798 (This link will likely be dead soon, but it’s live today). 

Car Dates (Vroom, Vroom)

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