Escorts prefer cash

There’s been a bit of chatter about whether to pay an escort with PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Square, or whatever.

Escorts prefer cash

I used to only accept cash, and some girls still only accept it.

The only reason I started accepting electronic payments is that some guys asked for it. I’ll still accept these, but if no one took up this payment method, I’d be ecstatic. Why? Because…

Escorts prefer cash

Cash is King

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8 thoughts on “Cash is King

    1. Some guys don’t want to carry cash because they are afraid of getting robbed by a 100-pound girl or being set up. But this makes NO sense when it’s me. I am a very public figure. I’ve easily had over a thousand customers and not ripped off one because my reputation is the best thing I’ve got. And for the record, I have had more than one date gone bad and been ripped off more than once.

      I strive to give the best service possible. I’ll be the first to admit that I can have a bad day, and when that happens I’ll make it good. And if we have an off date, you have every right to write a truthful negative review, but It would be nice if you give me the chance to make it up first. If you do write a negative review, you should also edit it or write a follow-up review saying that we’re good if I’ve ‘fixed’ the problem. The problem is the some people only see or remember the original review, but it’s better than nothing. Besides, most sites don;t let you edit reviews. If you don’t give me another chance, that’s fine, but it’s your loss.

      1. Every single meet (and there has been many) has been awesome Stacey. You have never once had a bad day…actually night.
        Cash always!!! Now tips are sometimes different…VS, gift cards, a thing or two for your home. It pains me to see you sad. I think you know that.

  1. I can understand why the IRS and LE prefer electronic payment, but I can’t see any advantage at all to the customers. (So I’ve only ever paid cash.)

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