Hello Kitty. Level up. I’m a dolphin.

Like a video game, KittyAds has levels—sort of. People get points for different things, including writing and receiving reviews. But, I can spend points, too, so I think if I spend too many, I’ll drop from a to a … or worse.

I find it hard to believe that some guys still don’t trust that I am real despite all of the reviews, the blog, pictures, and videos. I’m not sure what else I could do. But if you are really that frightened, you should probably stick to a Fleshlight (see below). There is a separate KATS score for being and getting reviews, so it’s another way to see that I’m the legit real deal. My KATS score is 4.8 5.6, which seems to be the highest score in the area. It looks like 10 is the highest possible score.

I see other girls on there who I know are legit, and they’ve got low scores, but they aren’t verified—which means they didn’t sent in a photo of their license. There are plenty of AMPs on there, as usual. It would be nice to be able to filter those out of the way (or in the way, if you are looking for that).

Moral of the story: My pussy is real. I’m not catfishing anyone.


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4 thoughts on “Catfish

  1. Glad you could explain it because it never made any sense to me. So yeah, if you want to know if Stacey is real then… She’s real. Not a fish of any kind.

  2. Stacey I agree with Darkmatter. KittyAds levels didn’t make sense to me either. Thank you for explaining this. I was also hesitant to contact you at first just because you sound/looked too good to be true so I understand why some would be hesitant to believe you are “real”. Being Catfished is not cool! I am so glad that I took a chance earlier this year to finally meet you for the first time and see that you were a nice person and looked exactly like your photos. Several AMAZING dates later each being totally satisfying and always leaving me with a big smile on my face. Stacey is an excellent provider and 100% real. I am honored to be one of her Regulars.

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