It seems a lot of guys have been asking for CIP lately. As anybody who’s met me, I am very accommodating, but I’m not sure some guys have quite thought this through.

It’s not difficult to imagine that a working girl sees between 20 and a couple dozen guys a day. Now imagine the half of them want CIP and she agrees.

A lot of guys like to eat my pussy… You see where I am going with this, right? Imagine you are the guy scheduled at the end of the day, and image you are one of those who needs to go down on me.

A lot of guys like to eat my pussy

Unless that’s your fetish—so you get a deal not having to pony the up-charge—, you are eating out the deposit of the 10 or a dozen guys who—literally—came before you. So, not only is it not safe sex…I’m just saying?

my pussy is clean and very edible

Before you guys get too worked up, I’ll let you know that my pussy is clean and very edible—even tasty, if I do say so myself. I’ll admit outright that a condom or two has broken or fell off during sex, so accidental CIP is a genuine workplace hazard. And I’ve heard similar stories from other providers. I also know that some providers offer CIP especially for trusted regulars, but rather than judging, I am interested in know what you guys think about it.

As always, these surveys are anonymous. They are meant to understand my customers and share the results back in future blog posts.

CIP, really?

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6 thoughts on “CIP, really?

  1. First, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a guy to mention a broken condom in a review of the date you had. It does not look good for the girl, and just gonna put her in a position to having to dealt with a lot of BS even though it’s not her fault. Just count yourself lucky – you got away with one.

    Don’t think I would go for a CIP finish in this hobby with just anyone. By the way nine out of ten times my preference is a warm mouth, tongue and soft lips. But as Stacey mentioned, she has to consider other clients, and furthermore her safety – all reasonable common sense, for those who which to comprehend.

  2. Sometimes, you’re safer bare but as a guy you’re safer with some lining.

    A good guy wants only one special lady if you ask and she doesn’t say “maybe next time” then be cool with it. It’s only special when both enjoy the time so make her time special in ways she welcomes.

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