On my client screening form, I ask a few qualifying questions. Just to give you a sense of who’s submitting requests, here’s a short rundown.


Date requests by Age

Most requests are guys between 30 and 60, who make up about 86% of the total. As I’ve mentioned, I prefer older professional guys, so this feels about right for my tastes.

Length of Stay

Date requests by Length of Stay

Requests for an hour are clearly the favorite. It’s my preference, too. I’d rather not do QV, quick visits (SS, short stays) for a few reasons. In a perfect world, he’d come in, he’d get off and leave. But what happens too often is he wants to hold off cuming, try a million positions, do DATY or MSOG. QV is for fuck and run or blow and go, and there’s no time for chit-chat. If you want this stuff, be fair and at least schedule a half hour so you don’t ruin for someone who does just want a quickie.

I’m not a clock-watcher

Half hours are not bad but are either rushed or guys try to stretch it past the time. I’m not a clock-watcher, but I know what time is, and I probably have something or someone to do after you—and you are making him wait. For the guys who wonder why I am not able to answer your texts or calls when you’ve scheduled a data and are waiting for the green light, this is probably the biggest reason.

Hour dates are perfect

Hour dates are perfect. And hour and a half is OK. Two hours or more is just pushing it. I can’t do very many of them. It takes a lot of stamina and concentration, so I try to keep these to a minimum. I understand why some guys schedule a couple hours—especially for first dates—, but an hour or an hour and a half is usually plenty of time to settle in and get past any anxiety. Honestly, if you are afraid of performance issues, I recommend a few shorter dates just to get comfortable and make the experience the goal instead of just getting off. And, as I’ve said before, unless you’ve got a pretty severe medical issue, I can get you off even if you can’t get it up. Promise. Pinkie swear.


Date requests by Place – In or Out

About two-thirds of guys want me to host, and another third want to host themselves. That’s why I’ve got a place. As you know, I don’t prefer to host new clients at my place—if only because I don’t want to spend time tidying it up—, so I may just get a room to host there, but then I need to schedule enough dates to make up for the expense. It’s always nice if a guy springs for a room that I can use for more dates. Outcalls to your place works, too.

Client Screening

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One thought on “Client Screening

  1. I am 100% outcall to me. Never like going to an incall-did it once at a hotel. Enclosed hotels are my favorite to stay at – feel safer to me, but can get awkward if upon entering, should asked if am a guest there.
    Private residence are even more scarier, unless the address is quite vivid. Entering the wrong property sometimes can be costly.

    I have never had a date less than an hour – too rush and not worth it to me, but to each his own.

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