Streetwalker, prostitute, escort, courtesan, call girl, concubine, girlfriend, wife. What’s the difference? Have you ever wondered?

There is a sort of hierarchy of prostitutes from streetwalkers to escorts and on. And there are even distinctions within these groups.

a person who engages in sexual activity for payment.

There is a great deal of variance of menu options within these groups, too.

Streetwalkers & Truckstop Workers

These are the lowest level of prostitutes. These are the cheapest girls, but they are usually desperate for any number of reasons and may be controlled by a pimp, so they have to give up a large percentage of their profits. They may or may not charge for their time, instead just charging to get you off. Generally, the faster the better.

Brothel Workers

These prostitutes operate out of a fixed location, and like agency escorts, the brothel manages their time and activities.

Massage Parlor / Strip Clubs

These prostitutes are like brothel workers, but they typically operate as a side job, whether as masseuses or strippers. Like agency escorts and brothel workers, the house takes a cut of their business.

Independent Escorts & Call Girls

Independent escorts are also known in some places as call girls. I’m an independent escort. Escorts typically work out of hotels, and being independent, I get to keep all of my profits. Like most escorts, I charge for my time. My goal is not just to get you off, but I want you to be able take your time if you want.

Agency Escorts

Some escorts work for agencies. Agencies are not pimps, but they are managers who take a cut, so the girl does not get to keep all of her profits. But she doesn’t have to place her own ads, screen customers, and schedule dates. To compensate for having to split profits, agency escorts are usually more expensive.

Sugar Baby

These girls typically find a sponsor or sponsors known as sugar daddies, who pay a fixed fee and gifts, usually per month, for sexual access to them. These girls are like rental girlfriends or time-share escorts. Most sugar babies are independent providers.

Wives & Girlfriends

If you are reading my blog, you already know what I mean. If you’re getting sex, you’re paying one way or another. If you’re not getting sex, you’re still paying. It’s just more honest to pay a prostitute instead of getting nickled and dimed by wives and girlfriends. Of course, wives and girlfriends dispute this connection, but you know it’s true.

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