As I advertise, I am extremely accommodating and non-judgmental. This weekend, I met a new client and experienced a new fetish: elastration. He told me what he wanted before we arranged our date, so I looked up what it was. He had his own equipment. He just asked that I was dressed as a schoolgirl. And he wanted to video the date.

I was dressed as a schoolgirl

I was not feeling the best and a little anxious when I arrived to his place.

Just so you know, elastration is a bloodless castration procedure used on farm animals—mostly sheep and goats—, and I had a great time doing it with him.

I made him drink his own cum

He undressed and started recording. He put on a condom, and we used his tool to tie off his nut sac. He asked me to squeeze and tug on his balls and this made him cum fast. But we weren’t done yet. I made him drink his own cum from his condom.

Except for my not feeling well, this was fun. If this is something you’d like to try, you know where to reach me. Just let me know.

Elastration Nation

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10 thoughts on “Elastration Nation

      1. Never know if/when might need one in the future.

        Anyway, your open-mindedness, flexibility, and non-judgmental abilities are great assets to have. Great job getting the job done.

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