As the OnlyFans dust settles, I have started the process of setting up an account on Fansly, which does the same thing as OnlyFans, but was created by sex workers for sex workers. I cunt do much until I get approved as a content creator. Hopefully, it doesn’t take 6 weeks or so like it did with OnlyFans. The URL to bookmark is

UPDATE: I think there’s a mad exodus from OnlyFans to Fansly, and they may not have been prepared for the additional traffic. When I was checking the morning, it was extremely slow to load and throwing errors, so hopefully they’ll work out these technical difficulties as they add whatever technical infrastructure they need to support a high-traffic site.

OnlyFans raked in about $2 billion USD last year and is on target to double that this year. A lot of that money came from sex workers, but their investors are nervous about being associated to sex work—despite that fact they they probably all pay for sex workers themselves. Since Fansly was created by sex workers, maybe they won’t sell out, but if credit card processors don’t allow you to use their services, you don’t have many choices. A lot of places turn to Bitcoin or gift cards, but that’s a hassle for everyone because most people aren’t really into it, and the value swings are so wild, you can lose (or gain) cash in an instant.

I am going to continue to post content on OnlyFans for as long as they let me, and I’ll start cross-posting and backfilling content on Fansly as soon as I can. I’ll also continue to communicate here about this and whatever else is on my mind. I’ll even share some pics—just not the good ones. You know where to get them. And just so you know, you don’t have to buy a subscription to get pics and vids. Hit me up and we can work something out through CashApp. As always, if you want something personalized or otherwise a special request, hit me up by text, email, here, in person or wherever I happen to be. And remember, you can find all of my links (that I remember to add) on Linktree.

My tits, a duotone shot taken from my last video (BJ video cumming soon)

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10 thoughts on “Fansly

  1. It’s complete bullshit what onlyfans is doing, and they probably won’t even suffer for it. Shitty, but I can’t wait to support you on fansly.

  2. Looks like Only Fans is reversing course, for now at least. Probably b/c explicit content is how they thrive.

    1. Probably after they saw so many girls leaving and thought about all of the money that was fleeing. They are still assholes, but I’ll stay there and think about a backup plan before they do something flakey again.

      1. They may just end up leaving OnlyFans alone just like Playboy.Over a hundred Congress members voted so far to have Only Fans investigate for underage content- hopefully they don’t find anything or nothing substantial enough to justify
        the thirst of the moral hypocrites.
        So far OnlyFans have ABC on their side with their glowing documentary style promotion.The card payment industry is trying to stay neutral.
        The (lawmakers-politician) however are the greatest treat. Them having success with (SESTA) a few years ago resulting in the death of backpage and other platforms.

          1. I believe in God and most of the teachings of Christianity. I said “most” because the Bible was written by man, not God. The different interpretations over time had resulted in parts of it being used to justify slavery and other atrocities. Verses like “children obey your masters”, “turn the other cheek”, etc.

            However my main issue is that this particular group is so hypocritical. They focus on certain things claiming high morality yet they are racist as hell, have no compassion for the poor – in fact they believe Jesus came to make us all rich and if anyone is poor then they must be cursed. Yet the reason for so much poverty is a result of the predatory capitalistic greed that they embrace and support, resulting in the gross discrepancy in the distribution of wealth and opportunities.

            They have succeeded in the appointment of the last three supreme court justices; so Row V Wade ( 1973) is now on life support.

            Althea Butler has written a book about them, and they have yet to debate her because they don’t want to be exposed.

            “White Evangelical Racism : The Politics of Morality in America “,by Althea Butler PhD.

            Available on Amazon.

  3. I just like to see hot women like you do your thing regardless of the platform and think it’s sad in 2021 society maintains negative perspectives towards sex workers and the services you provide.That being said I dont see anything you do that suggests you are racist or need to be educated as this poster suggests with his book suggestion and comments. “Why can’t we all just get along”

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