It’s been a while since I posted my fantasy survey, so here are the results. Some people may have missed it because it’s at the bottom of a post about blowjobs. The survey is still open, so feel free to contribute if you feel like it.

BJs are number one on your minds

Shocker! You guys like blowjobs—about 80% of you. So, it’s actually fitting that it’s at the bottom of a blowjob post. A good amount of you want to return the favor and eat my pussy.

Dressing or undressing

You guys are split on whether you want me to dress up in lingerie or be undressed. In the end, it seems everyone wants me naked. We should try strip poker…or strip high card or something—flip a coin?

Shower Me

Quite a few guys want to shower me—whether in the shower or with your cum on my face. Maybe then a shower. I hope I don’t make you think I need a shower. My poor water bill. A few of you are more considerate and just want to cum in my mouth. Much less of mess.


Speaking of showers… More guys than I expected want to eat my ass—only a couple requested the same in reverse.


A few guys mentioned kinky, but I’m not sure what kinky means to you versus what it means to me.


Massage was a popular response, too—even a couple mutual massages—, and a happy ending or two.


GFE and kissing had a few entries. One guy basically laid out fetish/PSE and referred to it as GFE. That’s why communication is important. I mean if your GF is a pornstar, I guess PSE would be GFE, but that would be missing the point.

And the rest…

There were a few miscellaneous responses—most very vanilla, some touching, cuddling, snuggling. A few wanted to play alien probe doctor and other role plays, so on balance you guys are pretty great.

Fantasy Reveal

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