A close friend gave me a Hitachi wand vibrator (product endorsement), which is by far my favorite toy when no one’s around to help me out like that. It works like a charm, and it’s rechargeable, so I can take it on the run.

male hand holding taser

Recently, I recently got a used taser in case I need to defend myself, but it didn’t come with a charger. I asked around, but no one had one that would fit.

When I was charging my vibrator, I noticed that the connection looked the same. Then, voila, when I plugged it in, it fit.

Even though I knew that the charger worked because my vibrator is always charging and ready to go, but I wasn’t sure that the taser worked.

When I pressed the button, I couldn’t see a spark. I asked several of my dates if I could test it on them, and for some reason, they all declined.

Anyway, when I was getting a visit from one of my best regulars. His shirt was off, so I decided to try it out on his chest.

Spoiler Alert: It worked

I think he’s gotten over it, but he was a wee bit pissed at the time. On the positive side, he took one for the team, and now I feel a lot safer.

Favorite Toys

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Toys

  1. Some guys actually like a little shock therapy, kind of an aphrodisiac to them..too bad he was not the type, but am sure he was not mad at you for very long.

    Glad you are taking security steps.

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