Good escorts are almost as hard to find as unicorns, so when you find one, you need to treat her right. In my book, there are several things that make a great escort, and why I fall into this category.

Appearance: Let’s face it. You’d prefer to be with an attractive woman than an unattractive one — even behind closed doors. There is no accounting for taste, but most men find me attractive. I am petite and thin, and my girl parts are high on the scale. I’ve got perfect-sized breasts topped off with responsive nipples. My pussy is very pretty. It’s usually shaven and always tight, just like most guys prefer. And I’ve been told I’ve got a nice ass.

Attitude: I think we’d all agree that you’d prefer an enthusiastic and accommodating provider. Who wants to hear a lot of ‘no’s? Sure, I might up-charge for some things like GFE, PSE, Greek, fetishes, or shooting videos or pictures, but I don’t say no very often…and I don’t make you regret paying a little extra. You get what you pay for. And no one likes a clock-watcher, but just like a parking meter, you pay for 60 minutes, you’ve got no right to bitch when the meter asks for more money.

Hygiene: I don’t know how to put this delicately, but no one wants a stinky pussy or for a date to smell like a hobo. (Hygiene is important for escorts, too. We don’t want to smell a hobo either. If you need to, there is usually a shower available. And this shower should come on your dime.) I’m always freshly showered for you, and if I am running a tight schedule, I’ll take a shower on my dime.

Reliability: When you make a date, you don’t want to be stood up. Escorts get stood up frequently. It’s a downside of the job. It happens way more than you’d think. But when I make a date, I am there on time, or I’m letting you know that I am running late. Like with you, life happens. Cars break down, the current date started late or is running over.

I know the other escorts who advertise in the area, and not to brag, but I know that I am at the top of the scale in each of these categories.

No one likes a lowballer. Again, you get what you pay for. My donation is very fair. I am a filet mignon provider. If you want a quality steak, you need to pay for it. If you are on a hamburger budget, find a hamburger girl or save up until you can afford the filet. Find a streetwalker or desperate addict. But if you want steak, save your pennies until you can afford it. I work hard to please you, and I expect to be compensated for the effort.

Sometimes I advertise specials. Maybe I am looking for new dates or am in a new location. Keep your eyes open, and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Next time, order the Chateaubriand. You won’t regret it.

Finding a Good Provider

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