It’s not the first time I’ve had a cock in my ass, but it is the first time it’s been caught on camera. Of course, I’ve shared it on OnlyFans cuz that’s what OnlyFans is there for. Anal sex has never been my favorite activity, but taking this cock up my ass was way better than I expected. I’m hoping to share a lot more anal videos in the next few weeks and months. Here is a still at the moment his cock starts to penetrate my asshole. Be sure to check out the whole thing. Don’t forget to turn on the sound.

It’s not all about me. I am pretty sure he enjoyed himself, too.

More to follow…

First Time Anal on Video

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2 thoughts on “First Time Anal on Video

  1. I would love to be the next big cock in your ass please consider it. I have never tried it and always wanted to. Can’t find a girl willing to take my cock in her ass

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