What should you expect when meeting a prostitute for the first time? I’m not talking about meeting me or another prostitute for the first time. I’m talking about the first time you ever pay for a prostitute.

First, everyone is different. The guys are different, the girls are different, and just like unpaid dating, there is chemistry and a vibe—or not. As always, YMMV.

everyone is different


You might want to ask yourself why you are paying for sex. Are you new to sex altogether or looking to get in a little experience? Are you looking for someone who looks different, is younger or older, shorter or taller, has bigger or smaller breasts, is shaven or unshaven, a little more adventurous? Are you looking for some variety in what she’ll do for you—maybe your girlfriend won’t go down on you or take anal? Are you in between girlfriends? Do you have a regular partner but she’s sick? Maybe you’re recently divorced or widowed? Is she saving herself for marriage? Believe it or not, it may sound personal and TMI, but it might help if the girl understands where you’re coming from.

Are you looking for some variety?


If your idea of prostitutes comes from TV or the movies, or if you are a big porn hound, you may find yourself disappointed—not only with prostitutes but with relationships in general. I’ve got a theory that scriptwriters don’t actually get out much, and porn stars don’t have the same sex at home that they do on camera. That’s why I charge extra for PSE. It’s over and above regular sex.

Not Too Much

Although you may be tempted to schedule a large block of time, I don’t recommend it. Generally, don’t spend more than an hour. You don’t know me or some other girl you might be meeting. You have no idea whether or not you’ll click. I’m an experienced sex provider, so I can probably make you feel comfortable and like we’ve known each other for years, but that’s still not the same as clicking.

I’m an experienced sex provider

If you are worried about being able to get in the mood and get it up, don’t worry about it. It’s not important, and I’m not judging. First, think of it as a first date, and you can get more comfortable with me. If you pay for GFE, we can kiss and you can eat me. I’ll suck your cock if that’s what you want. Whether you get it up or not, I’ll still make you feel good and can almost guarantee that you’ll cum if you give me the chance.

I’ll suck your cock if that’s what you want

Speaking of PSE, don’t pay for this sight unseen either. If you’ve done this with some other providers and know what you’re getting, go for it. Otherwise, take at least a half-hour—even a short-stay—before jumping into that territory.

Some guys just need to be in the right head space. If you think about the first meeting as a low-pressure first date and you feel comfortable after that, the second date will go even better.

Virtual Virgins

Most providers don’t want virgins, whether you’re a guy who’s never had sex or has never paid for it. Some girls will actually refuse these guys because they may be unpredictable. I am fine with either type of virgin, but you’ll need to let me lead until you get in the groove.

let me lead until you get in the groove

I get plenty of guys claiming to be virgins. Believe me, I’ve got no virgin fetish, and I don’t believe half of them—thinking they’ll up the chance of getting a date if I feel sorry for them. But it helps to know so I can not assume certain things, and I’ll know I have to take the lead.

So what?

When we meet, I’ll either be at your place or you’ll be at mine. We’ll chat, and I’ll get comfortable and start to undressed as I look for cues from you.

The rest will just happen…

The rest will just happen…

First Timers

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  1. 1st dates yeah!!! I think we’ve had about 40 of them.I know many more but I was referring to the movie title.First time we met I knew you were a keeper.Then AC gambling then the sugar.Gotta say the last date still is as good as the first baby!!!

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