I know I’ve said it before, but I really want to spend more time creating content for OnlyFans. As usual, I’ll be doing solo stuff, but I am going to be doing more partner content, too. As of now, I’ve got over 400 pics and soon to be 50 vids.

I’m trying to arrange some threesomes and a few gangbangs to add to my repertoire, so stand by for that. Unfortunately OnlyFans actually sucks to become a content publisher. I’ve got 4 guys in my book that have jumped through OnlyFans‘ hoops and gotten permission to post with me, so unless you are already a regular on my list, you’re not likely to get on it.

I’ve recently added a nice corset set (the one on this post) where I show off my ass and perfectly smooth pussy. Plus some nice fucking and sucking with more than a few cumshots and facials. But you gotta subscribe to see the premium content, by which I mean me without the corset.

I posted a survey for what type of content you want to see me post on OnlyFans, and I delivered. Now I’ve got even more fans, so it’s about time I ask again. Unfortunately, surveys are also restricted to fans (by OnlyFans), so I might also create a survey here asking what would it take for you to become a fan.

For those who are not fans yet, I’ll remind you that I create custom and personalized content, too. I’ll post details here soon.

Focus On OnlyFans

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