I finally got my fuck machine on OnlyFans. I’m beginning to share some pics, and I know they’ll be many more. I’ll be taking pics and vids whenever the mood strikes me. It’s gonna be fun as fuck.

Here’s a photo of the machine assembled and turned on. I share a virtual unboxing on my premium content site. Just click the pic

Hismith HS06 Fuck Machine

I am still considering some live shows, whether on OnlyFans or on Chaturbate, where I do have an account that I’ve never used.

The dildo in the photo came with the machine. It’s on the medium to small size. I’ll be creating campaigns on OnlyFans, where you can vote with your dollars for which dildo attachments you want to see—different colors, sizes, and shapes. Of course, you can just outright purchase one for me, but we’ll need to connect for technical and delivery details.

Fuck Machine

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