I’ve written about these before, but I feel it’s time to try again. This time I’ll make them on the same page to make it easier for everyone.

What’s a Date?

Let’s start at the beginning: What’s a date? A date is where I take off my clothes, I will probably suck your dick for a while, and you can fuck me—maybe even in a couple positions if there’s enough time. You get off, then you get off me, and then get dressed and leave. That’s pretty straight forward, right? Don’t want a blowjob? No problem. Don’t want to fuck? no problemo. Just want to sit and chat? Go for it. Wanna cuddle? Better try GFE.

What’s Better than a Date?

Starting with the similarities, both GFE and PSE get you special treatment—only the treatments differ. Here’s how…

What’s GFE?

As you already know, GFE is girlfriend experience. We all know that girlfriends are all different, so here’s what you need to know. This girlfriend likes to make out and kiss—deep French kiss even. Suck on her nipples for a while. She’s got extremely sensitive nipples that get huge when they get excited. Even a slight breeze sets them off. And this girlfriend will be a little more playful and frisky than a basic date. She’ll even let you go down on her and give her a rim job if that’s your thing. I already mentioned the fucking and sucking. What a nice girlfriend, right? That’s what I thought.

This girlfriend is pretty low key and chill. What this girlfriend doesn’t do is to take anal. She doesn’t even give it. And she insists you always wear a condom except for that bare blowjob if you earn her trust because she’s all about safe sex. Sounds easy enough.

What’s PSE?

PSE is Porn Star Experience, so unless your girlfriend is a porn star, that’s probably not what you’re getting. Stacey the girlfriend is a little low key, but Stacey the porn star is all in. She’s not laid back and all, and she can fuck like a wild animal. You want action? You’ll get action. A little rough and tumble. A little harder. A little faster. A little deeper. And porn star Stacey can take control if you prefer for her to take over, or you can take charge. It’s up to you. And she’ll do all the girlfriend stuff, just at 11.

What’s not PSE? It turns out that the girlfriend rules still apply. No anal and no bare.

Are there any other choices?

Why yes. Thanks for asking.


As some of my best clients know, I am very fetish friendly, but I don’t kiss and tell, so your secret is safe with me. As the saying goes, I am very non-judgmental and accommodating. Just ask me upfront. Read through my older posts and see how accommodating I can be. And I may be accommodating, but I do expect a little additional donation in appreciation.


Maybe the girlfriend and the porn star don’t take anal, but you may be able to persuade me if you treat me really, really nice. For all of these, they don’t really make much sense for short stays or quick visits, but even more so with anal, unless you are reserving an hour, don’t even ask. And if I don’t know you, don’t ask. If you are hung like a horse or even a small pony, don’t ask. I don’t want to disappoint you. You’ve probably already heard the one that anal sex is the only situation where a guy will try to convince you that he’s not that big. It won’t work. It won’t fit.

The End

I hope this clears up all of your questions. If not, just leave a comment, and I’m pretty good about answering them quickly.


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11 thoughts on “GFE and PSE

  1. Have you ever considered establishing a pornhub or xhamaster account? I know some girls who have and it can push traffic to your social media and stuff.

    Just need to be comfortable being in porn and have a few big dick guys who can bust some nice loads and you are all set. I seen girls upload cell phone videos and do great.

  2. I really appreciate your upfront advice and guidance. You are certainly one of kind. My only friend. Thanks for being you. Just wish I could see you every day. Lol red bull and doritos

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