…but we need our rest. The other day, a customer left a bad review, so I want to respond. 

I am a conscientious provider. I’m not cheap, and I know my customers work hard for their money, so I want to give them the experience they are paying for. I do my best to make sure everyone leaves satisfied.  No one leaves without releasing their kids

Some days and nights are busier than others. This customer met me on a Saturday morning, and that Friday night was very busy. I had just had 3 back to back to back one-hour dates before we met. It’s hard to pull an all-nighter and be refreshed in the morning, but I was trying to accommodate him because he wanted a date that morning.

He scheduled an hour, but it’s not my fault he finished so quickly and left after 30 minutes. He could have mentioned it then and there or contacted me afterwards instead of badmouthing me in public. He still can.

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