I don’t escort 24/7. I’m not hanging around my place waiting for you to call. I have a life. Like you, I need to eat, sleep, shop, visit friends. And I get my hair done so I look nice.

If you try to contact me and I don’t respond immediately, maybe I’m busy with another customer, maybe I’m having lunch, spending time at the beach, taking a nap, or driving. But if you’ve texted me once, texting me 20 times is not going to get a response. If I don’t respond to a text, a call might work, but after that, just leave a message. If you’ve texted, I probably already have that message. Patience is a virtue.

If you’ve spent time with me, you know that our time is for us. I don’t spend your time on the phone or texting, and I don’t do that with other dates either.

Maybe you were lucky once or twice that I happened to be available right then and there, but there is no guarantee. If I have just posted an ad, then the chances are better, but I get a lot of responses, so you still have to be lucky. I’m only one person.

And a little advanced notice is fine, but a week or two out may be a little much. I can try to plan for something in the future, but life happens. It’s better to try to arrange a time a day in advance…unless you see my ad. Then you’ll know I’ve set aside time and am available.

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