To follow up the weird review from yesterday, here’s a better one from Darkmatter on TER. Unfortunately TER doesn’t want me to publish their Juicy Details because they’ve got a business to run, but the General Details say this:

I’ve seen Stacey many times now and she’s been written about here and other places at great length. I can only add that she provides the most comfortable environment for me imaginable. Doesn’t hurt that she’s got a smoking body.

Darkmatter51683’s review of Stacey

Darkmatter has seen me for over a year, I think, on and off. He’s one of the good ones.

Believe it or not, some guys still ask me if I’m in law enforcement. It’s baffling. I’ve got a website, years worth of all sorts of reviews from all sorts of guys, nude pictures and videos all over the place. As I’ve some of them, if you are that nervous, you need to find a new hobby.

It’s not that you have to take my word for it, but it seems a little over the top to think that I’d fabricate some elaborate scheme to trap Johns. Let’s just say that if I am a cop looking to arrest Johns, I’m pretty bad at it. <smh>

Good and Weird

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