I just got another one of these texts:

How much for just a blowjob?

I’ve written about this before, but I do not sell sex. I sell time. Period. Full stop. End of story.

Why would a half-hour be different if I am fucking or sucking? You either want to be with me or you don’t.

I have to wonder whether these guys are expecting a blowjob to cost more or less. If it’s more, I should apologize. If so, I do accept tips, so… Otherwise, who thinks a blowjob should get a discount? Am I right?

So, if you don’t mind, please don’t ask about sex when you contact me.

And it’s not just a blowjob. It’s a triple AAA-grade premium blowjob.

No discounts or coupons accepted.

Got Head?

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5 thoughts on “Got Head?

  1. Not JUST a BJ ..it’s the experience of getting the best head around and having you totally into it ! Can’t put a price on that …it’s priceless !!

  2. You give the best BJs period. I’ve had plenty of head and no one even comes close. I can understand why some guy who hasn’t ever gotten a good blowjob might expect a discount. I don’t even blame them. But if they’ve ever had you suck their cock and drain their balls they’d know better than to ask. If anything you should charge more for BJs, but I want to be grandfathered into the current rates. You know that I tell you every time you suck my cock, which is every time I see you, that no one compares. Like the song goes, nothing compares 2U.

  3. These morons are asking about bjs because they aren’t used to highclass woman like you.They are out there getting streetwalkers $20 tricks. You are the best babe and dumbasses don’t deserve YOU

  4. First of all ,I totally agree with Spider.

    Just want to add that these are the type of people whose phone numbers you should block ,they are trouble .Don’t lower your criteria for people whose mentality is in the gutters;people who have no interest in standard or ever conceive the idea; as a result your website ,procedure ,and reviews have no meaning.

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