Maybe Greek Goddess is a bit over the top, but I am getting a lot better and gaining so much more confidence thanks to a good anal trainer. I’ve known this guy for a while, but he decided to take me under his wing. This guy knows anal. He’s a pro, and it shows. I can tell that he loves what he does. You can, too, if you watch us in action on my OnlyFans site.

I’ve always wanted to get better at buttfucking, and I guess the time was just right so things worked out. I know I can get better, and I know he’ll help me improve. He’s like my personal anal trainer. On the downside, I haven’t been making as much content as I’d like. We don’t always record our activity and sometimes things just don’t work out. Maybe the camera’s too shaky, out of focus, too close, or just not great shots. Trust me, there is more content on the way. Besides my ass master, my fuck machine is still waiting to be put into action, too.

Greek Goddess

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