The survey results are in. It might be that the guys not interested in anal sex didn’t bother to answer, so I’ll keep the survey open for another week or so to give haters the chance to hate on backdoor sex. Maybe most guys or at least most guys who donate for time like it. You know what I think about Greek.

Everyone who responded, whether they’ve done it before or not, was interested, and most thought it was OK to donate more for it.

The results validate what I had said originally–or at least part of it.

…I’ve also noticed that many if not most guys who want it don’t know how to do it. Some guys have never had the opportunity…

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Two-thirds of the responses were by guys who have never done it. I’ll guess that they’ve seen a few (or more) videos of professional porn actresses and they want to give it a go. Repeating myself, anal sex is not the same as vaginal sex. If you do it wrong, it not only can hurt, but it can damage your ass. This is something that takes a decent amount of time to do on a date, and even more time to do it right.

I know some guys like to ‘punish her ass’, but it’s not my ass that’s gonna be punished. I’m not into that sort of thing.

Also as I mentioned, some guys are just too big for ass-fucking. Some girls have spent a lot of time loosening themselves up for big dicks and other large objects. That’s not me, and it’s not on my bucket list. Some chicks will take a fist up the ass. Nope. No way. No how. I don’t prefer anal sex on a first date anyway, so if you are a big guy, I can pretty much tell you if it would be a wasted donation.

As expected, some guys just aren’t that into it or have tried it and prefer a nice pussy instead. That’s where I come in.

As I said here, I am more than willing to try taking anal, but the only promise is that I’ll try. Schedule an hour, set aside some time for relaxing and foreplay, and you’ve got a better chance for success, but even if you don’t get to finish in my ass, I’ll still get your rocks off.

Some comments on the comments

In my surveys I usually give a place for comments in case I missed something.

A couple of guys mentioned that they know they are too big. I feel bad, but at least you’re being honest. I know some girls can actually take bigger cocks in the ass than in the pussy. I’m not one of them. All I can say is that I give great head. That’s always an option.

And not to bust your bubble, but ass to mouth just isn’t going to be on the menu any time soon. The girls who do that in porn movies have spent hours cleaning out their asses with enemas. The only ass to mouth action would be after you fuck my ass with a condom, you take it off to finish in my mouth. If you are looking for more than that, keep looking…

Greek Survey Results

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