I’m like a nurse. I make a living in the service of others, helping people in need. Besides sharing myself intimately, I offer therapeutic and emotional support. To do this, I have to advertise and make myself public. As I’ve written about before, this leaves me exposed to haters.

“I’m like a nurse. I make a living in the service of others…”

Escort Stacey

As an escort, besides the calls, texts, and emails of guys who legitimately want to spend time with me, I get my share of nonsense communications, where guys I’ve never met (and probably never will) presume they know me because they’ve seen some pictures of me chatter on as if we’ve been best friends since middle school. I also get hate mail.

Since I’ve advertised that I am pregnant, I now get escalated hate mail from holier-than-thou incels who not only want to tell me how to live but who threaten me with torture and other violence because they have an ax to grind with a pregnant escort, that it will somehow damage the baby or something.

Obviously, these people need some basic education on anatomy because (spoiler alert) women have sex when they’re pregnant. Wives have pregnant sex, girlfriends have pregnant sex, escorts have pregnant sex. Get over it.

“Wives have pregnant sex, girlfriends have pregnant sex, escorts have pregnant sex.”

Escort Stacey

When I was attacked in my room a few months back, I called the police. My attacker did not expect an escort to make a report. The police were not very helpful and victimized me as much as the attacker. In fact, they told me that there is nothing they could do to protect me as long as I was advertising.

This makes me wonder what police protection I would expect if I advertised as a hair stylist or a dog walker or a tutor. These people were not really saying that advertising was the problem. Like the haters who feel compelled to send hate mail, these people are morality police, not to mention fashion police. Everyone’s a critic.

Anyway, if you ever wonder why I don’t respond to your text, call, or email, it’s because of assholes like this. I have no way to know if you just need a little consensual company and relief or you are some moralizing fuck who’s got too much time on his hands and can’t mind his own business.

I am not alone in this. If you ever complain that there are not enough good providers around, remember that every girl who does this has to deal with the same creepers. Sometimes we just go dark. Some girls drop out of the business because of shit like this. Some girls don’t even get in because they’ve considered this ahead of time, so these guys ruin it for everyone. By the way, these are also the same guys who try to set up dates and don’t show or even plan on showing because they are happy just to waste a girl’s time. They are part of the reason I need to insist on a deposit in certain situations.

h8rs gonna h8

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11 thoughts on “h8rs gonna h8

  1. Totally agree on the deposit after reading this blog.I can understand the amount of BS you and other girls have to deal with, the fact that you are a public figure ,and that the anaomity of electronic communication just escalate bad behavior to new levels.
    Many of these people are a bunch of nobodies, no life ,no hobby,no education, no nothing,.Some believe they have a God given right to tell other people what to do.Some even have the audacity to believe that they are the standard by which eveyone else should be judge.They masturbate psychologically from being anonymous on social media and other platforms, especially the free ones.No wonder many of them support politicians who are just total donkeys- total dumbasses.
    The fact that they don’t even know that pregnant women can continue to have great sex up to a certain time just prove my point. Some may know but they just have to try and give you a low grade – it make them feel better about the looser they are.
    So yes…If a jackass wants to waste you time let him pay…DEPOSIT,

  2. Thanks, Boobsman. It’s always nice to see you. You’re the type of date I like to repeat, one who treats me like a gentleman would and who I don’t have to fear is going to ‘cut out my baby’, as one guy wrote. Just let me know when you’re available.

    Of course, any other gentlemen, professional and otherwise, give me a text or call.

  3. Stacy we haven’t met yet but hopefully soon I don’t really understand hate in this area you help people plane and simple and you look beautiful doing it

  4. Stacey, this is awful and really should be ignored to the greatest extent possible. Obviously real threats are exactly that but most people are just lashing out anonymously. Thank Facebook for that I suppose.

    I’ve had so many conversations about sex worker’s rights in recent years it bores everyone that knows me. If two consenting adults want to have sexual relations I’m not sure why the government needs to be involved just because money changes hands. Were it legal, you would have protections everyone else takes for granted. You could also much more easily screen people. The internet was supposed to make things like this easier and it largely has but you still have to deal with things like that because of social stigma.

    I hope to see you regularly and that you aren’t driven out if you don’t want to be. You’re a real person, not some object on the internet. You deserve respect even if your choices aren’t the same as those people would make.

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