After the Black & White post yesterday, I wanted to remind you why I’m here. When we’re together, I am here for you. I’m here to please you. I’ve got one job.

This is how it all starts

I am here to get you off

Most of my regulars understand this, as do the short stays. I am a people person, so I like to chat, and if you feel like it, chat. But you aren’t here to entertain me, I am here to get you off.

plenty of guys want to go down on me

I know plenty of guys want to go down on me and eat my pussy, and if you’re doing GFE or PSE, have at it. Eat away. But you don’t have to get me off. I won’t be offended. I get off plenty, and I can take care of myself. Don’t think that if you don’t get me off no one will. If you want to use your time getting me off, that’s fine, too. What I am trying to say you can just as well come in to fuck and run or blow and go, or a little of each.

come in to fuck and run or blow and go

Believe me. I like 1-hour dates, too, but a lot of guys go without sex for longer than necessary because they are saving up for an hour when a half hour or short stay would be fine. If you are using that time to entertain me, save yourself some cash and go for the quick visit.

Why not do a short stay?

Some guys need more runway to get up to speed, so don’t think I am trying to rush you. Some guys need to get into the moment and other guys just need time to relax to get it up. I understand, and I am not trying to discourage you from this if you need it. I’m just saying that if you don’t need it, don’t throw away your money. I’ve got plenty of guys who would appreciate the slot. If you are just looking to throw away money, just drop it in my mailbox.

Some guys need to get into the moment

Other guys need to unwind and relax before they hit the road. This is fine, too. Still others are looking for multiple shots, so you should probably plan at least an hour.

Speaking of MSOG, there are basically two approaches. If (or when) you are into cumming twice in a visit, what is your technique?

If you’ve got more comments, I’d love to read them below.

Here for You

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10 thoughts on “Here for You

  1. A different type of Review:
    All of Stacey’s reviews highlight her dynamic sexual provider skills and believe me they are all true.I however don’t see her as often as I do because of those skills, I see her because she is great company and we consider each other friends.Im close to 60, widowed and have no interest in a g/f or wife.Im busy with life but I do need/want some intimacy in my life.I don’t want or need a porn star.She fills a need that my friends and family can’t. We don’t have a clock,I don’t have a fee but lets just say she is well compensated consistent to life needs and I am respectful of her time and other life obligations.Sometimes our meets are 5 min. and non-sexual sometimes they are several hours or even overnight.
    A typical meet is we set-up at my home, usually late night. She arrives, I might put oil in her car, fix her a bit of a meal or just give her a personal gift for her or her home.She doesn’t dress for me…she undresses for me all my wishes not hers.We lay in bed talking about life frustrating people places and times.I hold her, feel her warm and tender body wrapped with mine as we simply talk.I always receive oral pleasure and sometimes I reciprocate.Sometimes I fuck her sometimes I erupt in her mouth.Honestly she makes it all about me and as such I show my appreciation for her.I’m not rich but im ok and I realize how important it is to have a friend like her.
    Unlike any human being Ive ever met, the only thing Stacey craves is to satisfy and to be treated with respect and appreciation as a result.She takes on clients willingly happily to please when many others would judge that same client as too old, too heavy, not the right race or too handicapped.Then she pleases them.How many humans do you know that does all that…with a smile.
    Im sure there are many men out there that seek a situation similar to mine.Give Stacey a call and make your world a bit happier.

    1. Thanks. As you know, I’m not a clock watcher. Satisfaction is my middle name. I aim to please, and I almost always hit my mark, but I hate being taken for granted and when people (not just guys) try to take advantage of because of my goodness. You are right, that when I am with you, I am with you. That’s why it’s all about you. Like everyone, I have a life and I still have things going on even while I’m working, but I try hard and mostly succeed in keeping all of that at the door. And this is why when something like what happened the other day with Andy happens, it fucks everything up. Here, I left it at the door, and someone drags it back in and throws it in my face. I left it at the door for a reason. If you are going to throw it all up into my face, don’t expect me to hang around. You can keep it and figure out what to do with it. This is the way I earn my living, and I need money as much as the next person, but it don’t need it so much that you can degrade me for it or mistreat me like a pet. As the saying goes, you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. I am not sure why someone would want to attract a bunch of flies, but if you do, use honey. Until next time. I’ll bring the honey.

          1. And like always I didn’t tell you to shut your mouth……until I entered that pot of honey.Sweet as always!!!!My fly will keep looking out for your honey baby!!!

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