I stayed at a Quality hotel last night and was going to stay another night. After I paid, the hotel took my money and then told me to leave because they had seen one of my ads online. I asked for a refund for the second night, and they refused and told me to go before they called the cops.

This is why I choose the motels I do. Sometimes customers complain about the quality of my incall locations, but they are less risky. They don’t bother you.

I can’t afford to be scammed by hotels that prey on us girls, so I am going to play it safe and go with locations that work for me.

If you want a better location, book the room, and I’ll meet you for an outcall. If you don’t need to keep the room, I could use it for other dates after you leave, and I’d appreciate it. Just don’t expect to trade a room for a date. 🙂

Hotel Motel Notel

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