I love my nipples. Guys love my nipples. My breasts are large for my small body, and my areolae are the perfect size, but the stars of the show are definitely my nips. They are much bigger than average, but they are difficult to find certain piercings that fit. From what I’ve read the average female nipple has a diameter of 13 mm—slightly smaller than that of a AA battery—, about the size of a ladybug. Mine are 18 mm. I know. Right? And they are taller, too—almost always pokey—much bigger than a ladybug. With a piercing in, they are always pokey.

Guys love my nipples

Some women with huge breasts have even larger nips, but they’d look ridiculous on me, and it’s not like I am looking for even larger nips. It’s hard enough to find nipple jewelry. I really wanted these cute foxes to fit around them, but no. The inside diameter was only 14 mm. Wah!

All woman have unique breasts. Despite what you might imagine—and as much as I’d like to believe otherwise—, there is no perfect breast. There are many perfect breasts. Besides, there’s no accounting for taste.

Beautiful Nipples

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Nipples

  1. Uniqueness… that’s why am a boobsman, not that I know much about them however, apart from size and perky nipples (sounds shallow but am okay with that).

  2. I want to thank you for another AMAZING date but most importantly for your honesty. I don’t know if I were to forget a NICE watch with any other provider and have it returned. I appreciate you so much babe. Well now speaking of “Beautiful Nipples”, when I pulled up to pick up my watch and you brought it out to my vehicle the first thing I noticed were your nips poking through your t-shirt….WOW! Perfect nips and the piercings are the icing on the cake. Be safe and see you soon luv!

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