I seem to be hearing a lot of chatter lately about how I have a pimp who fucks me on demand. First, it’s not true. Second, I’m an escort. I fuck a lot. I get fucked a lot. I suck a lot of cock. If this bothers you, don’t call me. If you think you know another escort who is exclusive to you, call her—or him for that matter. I shouldn’t have to defend myself.

I fuck a lot

Even if it was true, what would be the difference between him fucking me a hundred times a day versus fucking a hundred guys a day? I’m not sure what guys think prostitutes do for a living and why they are so concerned with what we do off the clock and in our private lives.

I suck a lot of cock

I know I am a top-notch provider. I know a lot of my ‘competition’, and believe me, it’s not much competition. Some of these girls I know personally and have even done double dates with, so I’ve seen them in action. Many if not most of them are cheaper than me or can be negotiated down, but you get what you pay for.

If you can’t afford me, don’t bitch about it. Man up and pony up, or find someone else. But don’t start spreading lies. I’m not judging, and there is nothing wrong with a common street whore. You’ll still get your rocks off, but don’t expect premium service. So go for it if cash is tight.

my pussy is tight as fuck

I may fuck a lot, but I’m a tiny girl, and my pussy is tight as fuck. Ask anyone who’s fucked me. And everyone knows that I don’t compromise when I suck cock. I am always focused on two things: getting you to cum and having you enjoy the journey until you do.

Truth is, I could get most guys off in less than a minute with my mouth, but I don’t. I let you enjoy my warm mouth on your cock for a while because I am not trying to get you out the door. I know that you are paying good money for a good experience. Part of that experience is a thin, attractive woman, but another part is my performance.

I always give 100%

But yours is probably not the only cock I am going to suck that day. Even if I have only seen one guy before you, he still might have fucked me 2 or 3 or 4 times before he left. Probably not 4, but you know what I mean. You may have been the first, the tenth, or the last guy I see on some day, but no matter what I always give 100%.

I’ve got some haters

And if I fuck some other guy in the background, it would be my business. If anyone knows who is starting rumors or spreading them, comment here, email, or text me. I know I’ve got some haters. Some of these are guys who have threatened me with bad reviews.

I Fuck

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5 thoughts on “I Fuck

  1. Love the title, you do fuck and you do it well. I really hope you find out who this is and cut them off, you don’t need that kind of bad energy. You are a joy to be around and I want you to stay that way. Fuck the haters. Or actually… don’t fuck them I guess.

    1. Don’t fuck ’em is right. A lot of guys feel this way even when they don’t tell me. You can tell by the comments on other forums that some guys just can’t deal with the fact that no prostitute is gonna be exclusive with them. Probably no sugar daddy gonna get that either. I’ve seen so many posts where a guy writes a review and says something like “I saw another guy leaving her room, so I left.” I mean, what are you thinking: that he’s better looking than you? that he’s got a bigger cock? that he might have actually showered before he visited? These guys are so insecure, it’s no wonder they need to pay for pussy. No girlfriend is gonna put up with that bullshit for too long.

      1. I can only speak for myself but I definitely know what I’m doing. And I know you do as well and that’s how this works. If you read this, get a clue dude(s). Stacey is a sweetheart and she’s providing a service that you want to participate in and she definitely doesn’t have to. Consider it an act of kindness, she owes you nothing. Stop being a child.

  2. You got that right… you are a clever young woman who know these idiots better than they know themselves. Usually when am looking at dating a girl I always check out the reviews to see if her services align; and yes some of these reviews are so personal, full of insecurities and jealousy. Sometimes I actually had to laugh, just unbelievable.

    When I enlist the services of an escort I know what am getting into, and it is not about another guy but rather about my needs. Some people are cheapies too, always wanting more for less, and when they don’t get it, become whiny revengeful wimps.

    Don’t entertain the pimp talk with them either, they probably just want to know if you have someone looking out for you.

  3. I clearly set the dude straight. That trash shit does make dudes avoid escorts though. You would be fool to bring a blood sucker onboard to pay his/her lazy ass way. Stay true to yourself you do what you do and many of us here love you as the person you are as well as enjoy your occupation. As your sex worker forum proves, you do as much good if not more than most social workers do. The world is slowly coming to you with acceptance. Maybe one day not too far off you will also get benes, and even a stimulus check. But that would only be for when your fucking on the clock. lol

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