Maybe it’s just that so many guys want to try out a pregnant chick and things will slow down in a while, but I’ve been so busy lately, I’m finding it hard to catch my breath. In order to try to get more time for myself, I am increasing my donations by a little bit. It’s good to be staying so busy, but I want to ensure I can keep providing you guys the best quality action.

If you are a regular or we’ve already dated, your donations will remain the same, so don’t sweat it.

If you are a regular or we’ve already dated, your donations will remain the same, so don’t sweat it. For people I haven’t met, you should have seen me sooner. Just kidding.

It’s not that much more, but I know some guys will be upset and some won’t be able to swing the extra cash. All I can say is save up. I’m definitely worth it. For the guys who were actually waiting for me to not be pregnant, you can use the next couple months to save up. Plus, I’ll probably be offering specials just to show my appreciation, so keep an eye on my site, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

My up-charges are staying the same, so GFE, PSE, fetish, and Greek are the same as ever. Maybe you’ll splurge for a little extra…

I Got You

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9 thoughts on “I Got You

  1. You can always just say you’re not up to it for a day or three, I mean especially for new customers. I’m not saying don’t adjust prices because that’s only fair but any businessperson can turn down work. I’m glad you’re doing so well though in the business department, just stay well overall.

      1. Fair enough. And now that boobsman mentioned it you probably are making the right move. I really want to come see you again, sorry our timing didn’t work out. 🙁

          1. I have a few things in mind, mostly involving multiple release(s), playing with the milk makers, and perhaps a good cream for moisturizing your face. I will be in contact soon.

  2. You’re worth it.

    I think guys would be more pissed off if you turn them away,so raising the donation is a savvy move, and a good deterrent at the same time.
    Great thinker.

  3. Hii gorgeous I can text or call later, after 5.. anything open for tonight 10-11 or later? P.S. love your blog! #newbie #pregobellylover

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