I am still getting to much unsolicited traffic to my house. I suspected that this might become a problem, and it is.

Smile, you’re on Candid Camera

I’ve got cameras inside and outside of my house, so I can can and hear when people come knocking or just stalking, whether I am at home or not. This does not mean that I am under any obligation to open the door or respond. In fact, the more you do this, the less likely I am to respond.

I thought I had made this clear before. I have a life. I’ve got a baby. My mom might be over. Another client might be over. I might not even be home. If my car is parked in the yard. I may have left with someone else. Don’t make assumptions.

It’s nice that you want to check up on my to see if I’m OK, but if I’m updating my blog and my Erotic Monkey account says active, I’m probably alive and well. If I’ve logged in the past day or so, it says Active. Otherwise, that flag disappears. Sometimes, I don’t log in for a week or more, but I still update my blog.

I’ve delayed coming from as well as returning to my home because of unwanted activity. So, again, if I haven’t specifically invited you over, please don’t invite yourself.

I Spy

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10 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. Sorry you are having to deal with this. Nobody should ever show up unless you have invited them. I can’t understand how guys can think this is a good idea. It could draw unneeded attention from your neighbors and create trouble for you.

  2. Just installed three outdoor cameras myself, in light of the current political,economical ,and racial climate.

    You need to get some “private Property”and “No Trespassing “signs as well.They make one hell of difference.Dog walkers and their poopy dogs now steer clear of my property.

    You need to have them to be on the right side of the law. So the main point is -uninvited guests have no excuse .

  3. I don’t usually comment but anybody trying to schedule through the comment section on your blog is dubious.

  4. Sorry about this baby but.. I am a client and a friend. I helped Stacey a bit in getting this place and I helped her move in. That being said I have never been back since she visits me, and I certainly don’t feel entitled to invade her privacy, stop by unannounced and intrude in any way. WTF are people thinking? Believe me if you are privileged enough to visit her SHE WILL LET YOU KNOW when is a good time. She accommodates when she is ready and wants to accommodate. THIS is not her life it is just a part of her life that many of us enjoy the benefits that are provided. Be chill, be happy, be generous be appreciative OR BE GONE. Dont ruin it for her and those who respect her.

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