OnlyFans continue to be OnlyAssholes. Today, my Escort Stacey account that took months to get approved and has been up since January, was taken down. Slutty Stacey was not allowed either, so now I am Just Stacey because, well, I am just Stacey.

Although I recommend being my fan, I would not otherwise recommend them. They’ve been assholes from before I started and continue to be assholes. They make it nearly impossible to work with other people who don’t create their own content creation account because they are likely running a scam to claim the quantity of accounts they manage.

Besides not posting some content in the first place, I’ve had to ask them to re-post content they’ve taken down for no reason. They’ve kept some down as a content violation. If I knew of a better place to post and build a presence, I’d be there. Unfortunately, all of these places are run by fly by night hack who know a little bit about putting up a site.

Just Stacey

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6 thoughts on “Just Stacey

  1. I just saw the name change and kinda knew what happened. Whatevs, we know you and think you’re great no matter what name you’re using.

  2. Yeah, whenever money is involved there are always “get rich quick” people who will screw over anyone and everyone.
    Wish there was a way to have your own website and move your fan base before I join,

  3. OnlyFans, after building a successful and safe space for sex workers, is now kicking them to the curb. Announced this week it will ban “sexually explicit” content beginning October 2021. 

    1. Yes. I’m aware. I’ve been getting lots of calls and texts from supporters like you. So, thanks for noticing. I am working on a replacement location that could be here. I’ll be writing posts here and on OnlyFans explaining where to find me online besides here. And as I’ve written, OnlyFans have been shitty business partners anyway, so good riddance. Let the owners all get ass-fucked by cactuses with no lube.

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